Who we are... Please read.


Hello everyone,

For all my Canadian brothers on this forum, I want to properly introduce and let you know who I am.

I have made a mistake of assuming that you guys know about Pareto Pharma, but some of you may not.

First and foremost, I am a rep for Pareto Pharma. You can find me on ugmuscle.is, the new upcoming board elitefreakz.com as well. I use the same handle and email address.

We also have a rep on Mesorx in the underground section, we also have a rep on SST, Canadian Brawn and other Canadian forums.

Pareto Pharma has been around since 2013, and we have come a long way and we are one of the top labs in Canada alongside SYN Pharma.
We take pride in making our products with the best quality raws and our packaging is pretty nice if I may say.

For reviews and lab results go to SST and or Meso.

You may find our prices a tad higher than other Canadian labs, it's because we spend more obtaining the best resources to make the best products.

Also note, for a complete list of products you have to email me to obtain it, as I have omitted certain items from the list here on Anabolex because I was asked to, no big deal, email me and you will get everything that we offer.

For our loyal repeat customers, there will always be a surprise in the envelope as a thank you for being loyal to the brand.

If you google Pareto Pharmaceuticals, you will come across a website of a reseller https://paretopharmaceuticals.com/
If you are curious, you can take a look and see what our products look like. However, my prices are lower as I am an official rep for the brand and not a reseller. As a rep I have more power and freedom to offer you guys discounts, monthly specials etc...

You may also out of curiosity, visit ugmuscle.is to verify me there as well. I will always have specials for different forums.

I hope you can all get to try our products and review us here, I am very confident that you will like our products no doubt.

For a full list and please note that the list might slightly change every now and then, please email me at: [email protected]

Also if you would like to resell, contact me as well.

Hopefully the gyms will open soon in Canada and we can get back to normal. Stay safe everyone.

Pareto Pharma