The Truth about Steroids For Sale in 2024 (2023 and 2024 updates), the good, the bad and the UGLY! – Buy steroids at your own risk and read this!


History of Steroid Sales

injecting steroids historically
History is Dangerous

Things have progressed a lot when it comes to where people are getting steroids in 2023 vs. in the past. In the golden age of bodybuilding of the 70s, bodybuilders got their steroids from fitness friendly doctors since they were still legal and available. However, there were only a handful of steroids that they had access to so options were limited.  In the 80’s they derived steroids from dealers who had a friend of doctors.  Then in the 90’s it was all about knowing someone who could hook you up as steroids became harder to find.  It wasn’t until the 2000s that websites started to come up that were selling underground steroids, or steroids that came from overseas, with most either extremely expensive or selling fake steroids.

Fast forward to 2023, and there are now hundreds of websites selling steroids and many more dealers using email or apps to communicate with buyers.  They manage to smuggle in raws from China, which are then brewed with little regard for quality or care to their customers.  This usually results in severe health problems at worst, and poor results at best.   These guys are known as ‘bathtub brewers’ because they are making steroids out of their toilets and bathtubs at home with no oversight, while taking the risk of many years in prison in the process.  Most of the time the products they sell are not labeled correctly, nor are they dosed accurately, which can result in odd side effects and a waste of money.

Here is a list of common complaints from those using bathtub gear:

  • swelling and fever at the injection site
  • severe post-injection pain
  • abscesses that require ER visits
  • fainting
  • irritation of the lungs
  • stomach ailments
  • organ damage
  • stroke
  • permanent loss of libido and erections
  • acne
  • gynecomastia (bitch tits)
  • Insomnia
  • bloated and red face

What to look for in a steroid source?

steroid source selection
Which steroid supplier is right for you?

Before we reveal our list of the top 10 sources to buy steroids from in 2023, we must let you know that some things are absolute musts that we feel are important, and will dictate whether a source makes our list or not.  If you want to find the best steroids for sale, you have to look at the good and bad, like pros and cons guys.  If you just look at the price, you’ll get scammed for sure because scammers put up the cheapest prices!

  1. Shipping: Many sources have developed strategies to ship where it keeps you safe, and has a high success rate where you won’t stress out checking your tracking number every day. USA customers having the option to order domestically where customs won’t be involved is a huge plus in our rankings.

Another thing is fair shipping prices and a reasonable transit time. Also, some sort of guarantee in case the package is lost, seized or damaged is important too.

  1. Availability of products: Some sources online seem to be always out of stock and this can be a major headache for those who like to be flexible. What happens if you break your vial of steroids and need a replacement immediately but you check online and the source is out of stock?  A good source is always well-stocked and ready to ship to you.
  2. Non-steroid products: It is great that sources carry injectable and oral steroids, but there is more to cycling steroids than just those things. We also need the source to offer things like on-cycle ancillaries and post-cycle products at a very minimum. This makes life easy for the consumer so they can have a one-stop shop.
  3. Quality products: Sources must constantly be vetting the products they are selling and making sure they are of the highest quality.
  4. Customer service: A good source always has ways for their customers to reach out to them.
  5. Rep team: In today’s world, a source must have a strong rep team on forums that are answering questions on how to use the products and sharing their knowledge on a daily basis. It is also important for reps to have a lot of experience using these products and be polite and respectful to members.  The best reps on forums are moderators who have had the trust of the community for many years and whose reputations are important to them.
  6. Sales and discounts: A good source should have ways for loyal customers to save money either via weekly sales, loyalty credits, or discounts for larger orders. This helps customers save money and builds a good base of clients.
  7. Website: Sources should have websites that are working and fast. They should also organize their sites so it is easy for people to search for what they need.
  8. Forum Presence: Is the source present on the forums and communities? like forums.  Is there open and free discussion they are not censoring about their brand, shipping, quality and payment process? if they are on forums, you can be sure they are being vetted.  If they are not, they are hiding something!


Where to buy steroids in 2023?

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Where are steroids sold?

The best places to find legitimate steroids are from places that sell high-quality steroids that are made in an actual lab by actual scientists and chemists.  These places are well-reviewed and have a proven track record.  They are used and trusted by professional bodybuilders to help them achieve their lofty goals.

Out of the hundreds of websites we researched, we have identified the top 10 source websites where you can buy real anabolic steroids for a fair price, and we have put together an honest assessment of the pros and cons of each of them.  So let’s take a look at the list:

napsgear website website 2023 (also known as Naps) has been around for 20 years and has had over 20,000 customers during that time. They have a website that allows you to easily communicate with their customer service team and ask questions about your order.  They have a very large list of brands that you can choose from, that have been hand selected and reviewed.  At the end of the day, there is a certain level of quality that a brand must achieve before they will be allowed to be sold by napsgear, which is backed by a lab testing section.

They also are well known for featuring many current and former professional bodybuilders who add content to their websites.  Things like podcasts, articles, and Q&As are available so you can learn more about how these bodybuilders are using these products.  They also have a cool Live Q&A which you can scroll through to get many answers to common questions about using steroids.

Napsgear is the biggest supplier of Geneza Pharma (GP as it’s known), the hottest brand on the market today.  They have a good line up and full of lab tests, there is a good podcast about Geneza Pharma you should listen to:


  • The website sells everything you could want on or off cycle PED related
  • customer service is very fast to respond
  • a sponsor of 16+ steroid forums/websites
  • over 25 brands to choose from real selection of steroids for sale
  • easy payment methods
  • ships to almost every country and has a domestic option for US customers
  • has weekly sales
  • has a very strong and loyal rep team on forums helping customers daily


  • The website can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you want
  • Too many options
  • Some of their ex-professional bodybuilders creating content are polarizing/hated in the industry and give ‘meathead logic’ as advice

Forum Reviews about Napsgear: website website 2023 (also known as D-S) is a well-known and approved supplier of steroids on at least 6 of the best bodybuilding forums out there (,,,,,  They specialize in USA domestic shipping and are one of the fastest sources that we came across in terms of the time it takes to order and receive your products.

Their website is simple to use and their products are split up into tabs.  You can easily find HGH, Injectable steroids, orals, PCT, peptides, sarms, transdermals, and dick drugs.

They also have 30 brands, however not all brands are in stock, and they are constantly bringing in and removing brands from their product list.  They are very serious about selling only the highest quality products and keeping prices fair.

When talk about USA domestic shipping, (the real one) is considered by most industry experts as the best brand to buy domestic steroids for sale in the world.  No kidding! you can see on the forums it’s regularly discussed that D-S and Greg are the best in domestic shipping. has multiple top brands like Beligas and Pharmacom Labs.  They are a top real pharmacom labs supplier, there is a good podcast on pharmacom you can listen to here:


  • Specializes in USA customers
  • Fast shipping
  • No minimum on orders when using crypto
  • Lots of brands to choose from
  • Prices are competitive
  • easy to navigate website


  • Accepts other payment methods but requires a minimum
  • Does not ship to foreign customers including Canada
  • has had issues with stock in the past which limits options

Forum Reviews about

User Logs Diaries for Domestic-Supply: website website 2023

Puritysourcelabs (also known as PSL) is one of the most well-known steroid brands in the world.  American customers can choose to use them by ordering USA Domestic,  while international customers can select the international shipping tab.  Their Euro Pharmacies brand is their top seller and it has gained popularity over the past decade.  They also offer Pivotal Labs to their USA customers. In terms of brands that have a wide selection of steroids for sale, they are one of the best with peptides, hgh, steroids and ancillaries.

They are active on wickr, where you can reach out to their customer service reps, and they have a very strong presence on some of the most hardcore steroid forums where you can get in touch with someone to help you with questions or concerns.

December 2023 Update with EP:

As of December 2023, (PSL) is carrying the new 15ml vials for Euro Pharmacies (euro pharma EP), they announced it here. That’s new in the industry.  While we have seen steroid vials (multi-use) 5ml, we rarely see 15ml vials for multi use.  That means you get more gear for the same price, meaning higher savings with EP.  Multiple positive reports on the 15mls so far.

Euro pharmacies trenbolone 15ml Vial
New 15ml Multi-use Vials Euro Pharmacies specializes in Euro Pharmacies and Pivotal labs, but mainly they carry euro pharmacies EP, the best European brand.  It’s discussed in this podcast:


  • Has discount options when using crypto
  • takes other payment options including Zelle and bank wire
  • They ship to the USA and most other countries
  • Has many options on or off cycle
  • very active on steroid forums
  • customer service is excellent
  • 15ml vials available


  • sales are final once the package says delivered and they aren’t responsible for post office errors or damage
  • does not ship to military addresses
  • website is a bit confusing/unorganized and hard to navigate
  • Not many brands to choose from any more
  • vacation closures can last 2-3 weeks around Christmas

Forum Reviews about PSL: website website 2023 has been around a little more than 12 years and is well known on some very large steroid review websites.  They guarantee to deliver their packages and seem to be very confident with their approach to dealing with customers.  Their main brand is Para pharma and their prices are very competitive.  They are one of the sole distributors of Para Pharma, which is a trusted 15 years brand in the industry.  UGFreak is always on the forums and always helpful, very big support team.

UGFreak has the trusted and well known Para Pharma (PP) brand under their belt.  Good selection and it’s discussed in this podcast:



  • Has many discount options
  • Best Crypto payment options (we suggest you use Bitcoin)
  • Credit card and Zelle payment options
  • Price matching
  • Lab testing tab
  • Bitcoin Discounts
  • Fast Service (quick response time)
  • Good reship policy


  • Limited brand selection compared to other sources
  • Strict 48-hour rule on payments

Forum Reviews about UGFreak: (2024 updated)

Touchdown Product shipping and delivery review for and Para Pharma:

User Logs Diaries for UGFreak and Para Pharma: website website 2023 specialize in shipping steroids to European countries.  They are on at least 5 steroid forums and is the sister site to the well-known They are the official dealer of Hilma Biocare, Omstal Pharma, Ultima Pharma, and Nakon Medical, and work with them to ensure you are getting the real products. They also have a warehouse so they can ship with lightning-fast speed.

They sell injectable and oral steroids, HGH, IGF-1, and post-cycle ancillaries.


  • Own warehouse
  • Fast shipping
  • good relationships on forums with low profile
  • Great customer service
  • no minimum orders if using crypto


  • Limited brand list
  • Some items are out of stock
  • will not reship seized packages by customs unless you prove with documents
  • only takes moneygram or crypto for payment
  • very little rep presence on forums

Forum Reviews about Eu-domestic: website website 2023 is a steroid source that features some well-known brands including Ultima, Nakon, Beligas, Deus, pharmacom, Euro-Pharmacies, and more.  They have warehouses in the USA, Europe, and internationally where they can ship across the globe.  They also have plenty of other products including hgh, peptides, ancillaries, vitamins, sexual wellness, and Rx drugs.


  • Inventory updated in real-time
  • good selection of products
  • Nonsteroid products available
  • good payment options
  • BOGO weekly promos


  • not enough of a rep presence on forums
  • the only way to contact them via website is by submitting your name and concern and waiting for a response via email

Forum Reviews about OSGear: Website Website 2023 is a very interesting website that features not just injectable/oral steroids and hgh/peptides but also medications for diabetes, eye care, inflammation, heart, and antivirals.  They also are one of the few sources we have seen that sells needles/syringes along with insulin.


  • Services much of the world including the US, EU, Asia, and the UK
  • very impressive catalog of nonsteroid items too
  • lab testing section
  • loyalty discount and price match


  • The website is a bit confusing
  • too many options
  • can take a long time to find what you want

Forum Reviews about Steroidify: Website Website 2023 offers USA, Europe and international delivery options to their customers.  They have a good selection of orals, injectables, and some peptides. They also sell fat loss drugs and dick drugs.

Their website has a very easy-to-read FAQ section, along with a section to open a new ticket and check ticket status.

They are also the only site to offer an insurance option in case the package is lost, seized, or damaged.


  • weekly promotions
  • lots of free product giveaways
  • has many payment options
  • free delivery options for large orders


  • very few reps on forums
  • some brands aren’t well known
  • not many reviews posted

Untrusted Sources with Low quality Score

Unreliable Sources, while these sources are in the top 10 on the list, they are not reliable and might be scamming or selective scamming users.  It’s hard to say, so we put them at the bottom of the list to be on the safe side.

Word of caution, we don’t recommend buying from these guys. website website 2023 has legit lab-tested products but quality is not guaranteed.  They also have 24/7 customer service and free advice with any purchase.  They have had over 3500 customers and 5800 deliveries worldwide over the past few years, so they claim but we could NOT verify this.  Their staple brand is GenLabs and it ships from the USA from a warehouse.  They also sell a brand called Evolve Bio Labs.  They are clearly lying about delivers and customers as they have been in business for only 6 months, very much looks like a bait and switch fraud.


  • has free content and information on steroids on the website


  • The website is a bit slow to load with unwanted popups
  • not many options for brands
  • very little forum presence or reps to chat with
  • Fake reviews on website
  • Fake statistics on website Website Website 2023 (also specializes in direct sales of Pharmacom Labs and does not act as any sort of middleman like other sources.  They have been around for about 10 years and their products are not pure.  They now sell at least 40 different steroids but nothing can be verified to be legit.  If you want REAL steroids for sale, NEVER buy from basicstero, they don’t have real steroids. has been caught selling fake and counterfeit pharmacom labs steroids and hgh, we do not suggest using them.


  • None, fake products sold


  • Many items are out of stock
  • only 1 brand to choose from
  • Fake pharmacom labs
  • Lab certificates are fake and photoshopped
  • shipping is high

Forum Reviews about Basicstero: - bad supplier with bad reviews is a source who used to be known as and and just “Drugs Gear”.  They had an issue with their website because they were scamming users and switched domains.  The problem with Alan “domestic” which implies inside USA shipping is he’s not domestic at all.  Alandomestic ships packages from China and claims he is shipping them domestic within the USA.  Furthermore, he sells a lot of fake and counterfeit gear on this website.  The ZPHC brand he carries has been known to give infections, injury and hospital visits to users. has been openly caught lying, selling fake steroids, and doxxing his customers, releasing information about them.  He’s a dangerous supplier, DO NOT USE WARNING!


  • None, liar and a selective scammer
  • Cheap prices for fakes of course


  • Carries the Fake and Dangerous ZPHC brand
  • Ships from China not USA
  • Sells steroids that can give you infections
  • No lab certification or product tests, all tests are fake
  • Gives fake tracking numbers
  • Has very negative reviews

Forum Reviews about Alandomestic, as you can see very negative: review was caught red handed selling fake and counterfeit steroids.  In many cases they did not ship product.  Currently, they bribe the moderators on and pay for reviews so they can have ongoing business. Selectively scamming by sending testosterone as primobolan or nothing at all at time.  We would not trust Pureanabolics due to the bad reviews. [MARCH 2024 Updated]


  • None, selective scamming.


  • Carries the Fake anabolics
  • Ships from Indian not usa domestic
  • Multiple infections reported
  • No lab certification or product tests, all tests are fake
  • Gives fake tracking numbers
  • Has very negative reviews

Forum Reviews about, as you can see very negative:

Example this review: Did i lose my money? – the member in question lost all his money buying from them, it’s a horrible story.

I had a really disappointing experience with After investing a hefty sum, around $4500, in HGH and testosterone, intending to distribute some to my gym buddies and essentially use it for free after recouping the costs, I found myself completely ghosted by the supplier post-payment. This isn’t just my story; several others in the community have labeled as a scam, highlighting a lack of customer service, delayed shipping times, and products that seem underdosed, leading to poor post-injection experiences​​​​.

In another incident, a user shared their adverse experience with the 500 mg/ml option of equipoise, which resulted in severe sickness shortly after administration. The consensus among many is that high-concentrate products are generally a bad idea due to the potential for extreme post-injection pain (PIP), and unfortunately, it seems like products from Pureanabolics fall into this category​​.