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Ivan Danko HGH shop

Ivan Danko HGH shop

HGH online shop

HGH in stock: Jintropin 50iu /200iu , Norditropin 30iu pen, Omnitrope 30IU cartridge + pen injector, Spectros 100iu, Zptropin 120iu , Kigtropin 100iu, Hygetropin 100iu, Somatropin Canada 100iu, Qitrope 100iu.

International shipping (Delivery time 12-20 days)
We accept: BTC, Western Union.
We send within 1-2 days after payment. Shipping takes about 7-12 days. A 99.9 % success rate of delivery. We ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, EU, UK

Hot promotion! Buy 4 + get 1 free + free shipping

Zptropin 120iu (Buy 4 + get 1 free)
Spectros 150iu (Buy 4 + get 1 free)
Spectros 140iu (Buy 4 + get 1 free)
Kigtropin 100iu (Buy 4 + get 1 free)
Hygetropin 100iu (Buy 4 + get 1 free)
Norditropin 30iu pen (Buy 4 + get 1 free)
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Just ordered 1 hgh vial, going to start 1 IU/day will update after
Good priced HGH, fast delivery even during covid
quality is good