Ivan Danko HGH shop review and scam


Just wanted to give a bit feedback here I ordered from Ivan Danko HGH shop (as he calls it). Well this "Ivan Danko" was supposed to ship me the HGH I paid for but he didnt! He shipped me a vial of IGF-1 but idiot forgot to remove the label. When I confronted him about sending my fake hgh, basically he sent me IGF-1 LR3 instead of HGH, guess what he said? he said I was lying and just wanted free product.

He's a liar. I sent him an email with pictures and anger of course on the DAY I got the package and 30min after I got the delivery of the box. I hate this ivan danko guys he's suck an A**.

My suggestion, stay away from ivandanko.com unless you want to be scammed by these guys.


i've heard from others that the hgh they got from Ivan danko was counterfeit
I wish he was here to address this issue


I wonder why ivan danko isn't here to respond? why doesn't he help these people if he's not a scammer. Strange behavior