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Very reliable source, delivered in 3 days!
1 bottle of tren acetate
very good oil thin and easy to inject
high quality
Great source, fast delivery.
They answered my email in 6 hours! very fast.
High quality source, domestic always delivers.
Reliable source, I got my tren in 4 days.
That's a record and the tren kicked in the 1st week - strong!!!
Ordered got a quick response on email on payment
took me 3 days to figure out payment but rest was easy
shipping 5 days to my door in August
Bought from PSL first time, I was skeptical at first new source for me. Took about 3 days to sort payment and 6 days to get the products. Cycle test/tren and aroma with dbol on the side.
So far 4 weeks in I'm feeling great, very big haha
sorry for late review
I got my order 2 months ago, used 1 Kit of HGH good results, started 2nd kit now
waiting to use the aas but maybe will stick to orals only not clear now i need more info
delivery fast
quality good
customer support a bit slow a few emails bounced
Used their in town service a few times. Gear was good. Stopped using them because the products I want are only available internationally. Wish they expanded their local line.
WOW! the trenbolone is hard, pinned for 4 weeks my home bench press feels like push ups, seriously good gear
PSL sorry i doubted you guys
Fast delivery tried both domestic and international.
Used cia aroma and winni before.
Reliable and fast, after 2 years of use PSL delivers again
just got my anavar and dbol 5 days flat!
Purchased a week ago package came today. Well packaged and gear looks good checks out.
Delivery 5 days after payment
fast customer support
@vision really helped me understand the process
but it was hard to understand would be good more easy next time :)
love the gear tren is making my bench like 350
VERY fast delivery during covid. Euro pharma trenbolone and winstrol with some aromasin and clen. Great packaging! thank you guys
Fast shipping considering covid
good customer support I like PSL
cycle I have yet to try but will soon (already did 2 cycles with them)
I support psl and have multiple orders with them. A few domestic and few international both comfortable and safe for me. latest was winstrol and dbol. stacked 20mgs dbol 50mgs winstrol and 25mgs proviron, I don't have head hair issues so got hard and strong at the gym, veins everywhere all my boyz loved it.
I have tried a lot of the Europharm brand compounds and have many more to try. Great Reps, Excellent communication and high quality results from each oral & oils I have tried. They have a 100% track record for me. Would definitely use again.
second order was smooth
I made 2 order so far with these guys and both times they got me the products and less than 5 days. leave also always had some really good deals on their products to save me money
extremely impressed with customer service
very prompt to message me back
tightly secured and wrapped products
Products Ordered - Dianabol, trenbolone, testosterone, sustanon
so far I am up 7 lb in 4 weeks. I'm not even following a great diet plan either
just got my package in the mail and nothing is broken inside even though the postman seems to have roughed it up quite a bit during shipping. I got my package and less than two weeks even those International
I got a bunch of testosterone and I got a bunch of orals can't wait to try them out