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    Dealing with injuries mid cycle

    Unfortunately I had a major injury on my cycle and can no longer wait train for a couple months the good news is I should make a full recovery but the bad news is is if I try to work out I could make the situation worse what are the best supplements I can take to speed up recovery if I'm in the...
  2. B

    First cycle sarms

    Been a lot of people posting their first Cycles with sarms and I've been learning a lot so thank you my situation is a little bit unique. first off I'm only 24 years old and I'm a shorter guy about five inches and I weigh 230 lb as you can imagine my body fat is pretty high for my height I have...
  3. A

    First sarms run excited

    Very happy to share my first sarms cycle and get your thoughts My goals are to increase strength, get a better physique, and also get better when it comes to my cardio because I've never done well at that. My sarms cycle will look like this: MK 2866 25 mgs a day GW 501516 10 mgs a day S4 50-75...
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    First cycle checking in

    my first cycle I think I'm going to go ahead and do 125mgs 2x per week of test E I'm willing to change up the dosage if you recommend it. I also got adex, aromasin, hcg, and clomid for pct and such so I think I have everything covered. I'm 230 lb 6 ft 5 in and my body Fat's about 15% I left...
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    Best test only first cycle strategy

    Please bear with me this is my first cycle and I want to do this right I'm 24 years old and I'm going to start doing testost enanthate I’ve been doing 500mgs a week, wasn’t happy with results since they stalled at week 6. Before that was gaining 2 pounds per week. Upped the dose to 1000mgs I’m...
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    Got a hold of some pro hormones

    I’ve gotten my hands on some older pro hormones. Don’t ask me how its my little secret lol Anyway i wanted to run them in this stack Epi andro 8 weeks, 900mgs Arimistane 100mgs Primeval cycle support while on Primeval post cycle while off 25mgs arimistane I'm currently 5'7 I'm hovering around...
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    Sarms cycle and pct plan

    Just finished a steroid cycle 6 weeks ago, did 4 week pct Feel good and recovered from that Currently up to 210 pounds and 5’11’’ and 24 years old I would like to do sarms this time and then go back to steroids next cycle Would lgd4033 and rad140 20mgs each for 12 weeks be good? Then i would do...
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    Primobolan cycle thoughts and musings

    Currently 33 years old 5’9’’ 183 pounds 18% body fat a year ago I was about 23% body fat so i have cut down already Looking for lean muscle mass now. I play a lot of soccer and i like to also do a lot of running My plan is 500mgs of primobolan a week For my goals and what i want how much...
  9. G

    Sarms to boost athleticism

    I'm not really a 100% into weight training but I do it a couple times a week at my gym. overall I would like to get more athletic. I've never been a very athletic person so it's been very hard to play catch up my whole life I'm hoping that maybe sarms could be the answer for me to at least help...
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    Trenbolone cycle with a little test?

    Hello my friends I’m 32 years old Have got about 4 cycles under my belt 207 pounds, 5’8’’ body fat is 14% this is the first time I have tried trenbolone heard a lot of good things about it from friends of mine but wanted to try it out myself do you recommend something like this? 150mgs 3 x a...
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    Debating on my next test cycle

    I seem to really do well on testosterone only cycles I want to try 750mgs a week this time. Before i did 500mgs a week only Now my strategy is going to be to bulk up more I am currently 185 lb and 6 ft 2 in tall I'm 38 years old and I weighed 220 lb two years ago before losing a lot of weight. I...
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    Turinabol and test cycle thoughts

    I want to run a simple testosterone propionate and turinabol tbol cycle My plan is 200-400mgs a week of the test prop 30-50mgs a day of the tbol My question is how long should i do this? Would 8 weeks be a good cycle or should i run it longer than that? My full stats: 31 years old 5’11’’ 178...
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    Umbrella sarms cycle success

    I used 20mgs a day of each of these below LGD3303 RAD150 GW0742 These are all pretty new sarms and i wasn’t sure what to expect but they worked really good for me I started out 28 years old, 6’1’’ and 210 pounds with 18% body fat By the end of the cycle i was 212 with 13% body fat So i gained 2...
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    Why is my bloodwork bad on cycle?

    I went and got my blood work done and let me tell you some of the things that were out of Range. I am using trenbolone and test. 500mgs each Testosterone levels were high as expected LH and FSH went to near 0 AST and ALT are sky high. Like double the max RBC is high Is all this normal on cycle...
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    Umbrella sarms solid cycle

    I am doing an umbrella sarms cycle currently I’m 6 weeks into an 8 week run. Thank you all for your advice on here and helping me out I am doing lgd4033 + rad140. 20mgs each that is all I literally went from 205 pounds up to 210 pounds and my body fat has actually DROPPED This was fantastic and...
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    Loving my napsgear cycle

    So far i’m 5 weeks into my napsgear cycle I’m loving what i am seeing so far It took about 2-3 weeks for the gains to really take off I’m doing equipoise 200mgs a week, along with 300-500mgs a week testosterone I like to wake up in the morning and flex in the mirror
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    Running 1500mgs of primo?

    I did a primobolan cycle 500mgs a week and felt NOTHING ZILCH Waste of money Next cycle I want to do at least a gram of it to see if I can get some results I’m 195lbs 6’2’’ and 24 years old has anyone ever done it at such a high dose and do you think I'll actually feel anything this time
  18. U

    Napsgear pack just arrived

    Looking over the package i am quite pleased It looks discreet on the outside just like I was ordering something normal online Nothing fishy about the outside of it Opened it up and the goodies were tucked up really tight and safely so nothing would break even if it was smashed by the post...
  19. L

    Tren ace cycle with masteron

    I want to do a simple Trenbolone cycle this will be my first time using it did a lot of research on it and seems like that acetate would be the best one with it What do you think about masteron propionate and tren A? Too much injecting EOD? I’m 5’9’’ 180 pounds and 29 years old
  20. W

    Feeling no energy this cycle

    I’m currently on testosterone and dianabol Doing the testosterone 750mgs per week and the dbol 20-30mgs a day I am using 1mg total of adex a week split dose I have gained around 13 pounds. Up to 215 pounds and 5’11’’ do you have any tips to increasing my energy?
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