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    Best natty products for estrogen balancing

    It's been 2 months since my last cycle and I'm starting to get some nipple irritation which comes and goes. I have a feeling that maybe it has something to do with my previous cycling where I'm getting some estrogen rebound. I don't want to go on an AI and crash my estrogen I want to take...
  2. J

    Managing estrogen better

    Went through a lot of anxiety and depression over the past few years. I've linked it all to having estrogen problems either low or high. I've also messed around with a lot of different anti-estrogen drugs anything from aromasin to letro to adex. They all make my sides worse. would love to hear...
  3. F

    Raising my testosterone dose while keeping estrogen down

    Currently doing 600mgs of testosterone cypionate. Pretty good so far 4 weeks into it My knees had been bothering me for a while and that has gotten better. Oddly enough the more I train the better they feel. I guess they just need some movement I'm a taller guy I'm 6'5 and I weigh around 217 lb...
  4. J

    Estrogen rebound weeks or months post cycle?

    I did about 20 weeks of testosterone around 6 months ago and I stopped. before that I ran about a 25-week cycle of testosterone enanthate as well over the past few weeks I have noticed off and on some nipple irritation do you think this has to do with my previous Cycles or is it just my...
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    Approved WE STAY WORKING 24*7

    At Yourmuscleshop, we believe that quality is everything. We are proud to be recognized as one of the fastest growing online seller of premium quality injectables, orals, HGH, estrogen Blocker, PCT Cycle solutions, testosterone booster and much more. We deliver 24*7 customer support. Fastest...
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    How much estrogen repellent

    How much estrogen support or repellent or whatever the heck you guys call it do I need to use when I'm using steroids. my first time using them I did not use anything and I got huge but very watery. My friend doesn’t know what he is talking about I’m currently 32 years old and 234 pounds I’m...
  7. C

    can estrogen get too low

    I have been taking 250 mg a week of testosterone along with 500 mg a week of primobolan. My friend who is helping me and told me that I should take aromasin with it. I am taking 25 mg three times a week. My libido has gone down a lot and I'm also noticing my joints hurting a little bit. I did...
  8. S

    Pea or soy protein powder?

    What is the best option for a vegan if you had to choose between pea or soy protein powder? I'm talking the criteria of cost, taste, and how effective it is. Is it true that soy can raise estrogen and do a lot of bad things in our body or is that just a myth that's been pushed around
  9. M

    need help with first cycle

    I’m 25 year old 6’1’’ 189 pounds 14% body fat I am planning on doing 500mg a week testosterone but not sure what ester to use and how often I am supposed to inject it? Also what else do you recommend I run with my first cycle? Do I need anything for estrogen or will I be good?
  10. W fake aromasin!

    I would never recommend expressPCT to my worst enemy I was running a big sign go over a thousand milligrams a week of testosterone so I needed to my anti estrogen to be on point. I ordered aromasin from these guys and I have been using 25 mg every other day while on cycle. I have ran this much...
  11. JimAbs43 Episode 431 Steroid Cycle review and low estrogen problems. Episode 431 Steroid Cycle review and low estrogen problems.
  12. T

    How important is it to check other blood markers?

    I always thought that when you ran blood work you should stick to liver, testosterone levels, and estrogen levels. But what about other things that are in our blood work that we don't think about. The reason I ask is I can get everything done for an extra hundred dollars from my doctor but if I...
  13. K

    Scheduling testosterone injections

    running my first cycle and I'm going to be doing testosterone cypionate 400 mg per week. my vile is 200 mg per milliliter so I'm going to do two of them per week. do you think it would be okay to pin on Tuesday and Friday or do I need to pin them on a different day. Another thing how much anti...
  14. S

    Rate my cycle support supps

    Be honest and rate what you think about my support supplements below anti estrogen support Liv-52 men's one a day multi-vitamin option I will be using these on my next cycle and in all they cost around $80. Do you think that they're worth the money or should I swap them out for something else
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