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    Adding sarms to trt

    I’m 55 years old and have been on trt for about 6 years I inject 120 mg a week of testosterone that is my testosterone replacement therapy dosage and I've been put on by my doctor I wanted to know if it was okay to add sarms to trt If yes which ones would work best for someone who just wants to...
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    Deus scamming

    These guys never can be honest for long I’m using They scammed me bigtime I was supposed to get 5 vials of testosterone, they only sent me 4. After I asked them what happened they said that I was lying and that there were five vials in there.
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    Domestic-Supply domestic supply earned my business

    this was the first time I ever used an online source. Everything went smooth it took about 12 days from my order till when I got it on my doorstep. Highly recommend using these guys with great Communications and a pleasure to talk to Delivery was secure and packing was great nothing broken...
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    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply testosterone enanthate is fire!

    I'm using domestic supply testosterone enanthate and doing 200mgs a week. I got my bloodwork back and after 4 weeks my numbers are >1200. more importantly I feel fantastic. Before that my blood work was showing my testosterone levels was in the 200 area lol. I had levels of a senior which was...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL has great prices

    This is a great International source for those who are looking for name brand gear and don't want to pay name brand gear prices Easy to navigate their site and top quality communication and service They shipped my large order separately which is great. Ordered Dbol, testosterone, primobolan
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    Gym hookup ran out of testosterone

    I am 8 weeks into my cycle which is going to be 16 weeks total. I'm using equipoise and i am using oral steroids 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off. my issue is I ran out of testosterone and when I asked him for more he said he was sold out and wouldn't get any for a few weeks. what do you recommend I...
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    Lost a lot of weight, now steroids ?

    I was about 25 or 26% body fat a year ago. Now I am down to 12 or 13% I've always been naturally skinny growing up but then as an adult let myself go My full stats are 31 years old an 210 pounds. in the process I definitely look leaner but I've also lost a lot of strength. I want to use steroids...
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    Domestic-Supply Very fast shipping and great products domestic supply

    I am a big fan of domestic supply because of my experience using them My first pack within 10 days and my 2nd package took 8 days The communication is excellent I got their tbol, proviron, and testosterone Overall i give them 10 out of 10
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    RAD-mass stack supplement

    Has anyone seen this product called RAD-mass? It costs $67 per vial but you can buy 2 vials for $97. It comes with 1 supplement bottle and 1 bottle of RAD which has 4-dhea in it. Its supposed to boost your testosterone levels and help you build muscle
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    Growing with steroids

    I am on 4 of my steroid cycle and i am up 4 pounds. So it comes out to 1 lb a week which is pretty good considering I'm already 216 lb and 5 ft 10 in I am doing equipoise 400mgs a week with testosterone at 250mgs per week I'm thinking that my gains will start slowing down should I add on some...
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    PuritySourceLabs I like the less headache the better

    took advantage of their testosterone cypionate deal and I also stacked up on some proviron while i was at it. they picked up the money quickly and everything was shipped within a few days very simple to order from them took less than 24 hours wrapped tight and nothing leaked testosterone just...
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    Not progressing, gonna try roids

    it's time for me to start a steroid cycle for the first time I’m 26 years old 5’8’’ 167 pounds My gains have stalled over the past few months I’m gonna use winstrol 50mg a day I also want to Stack some testosterone with it. My question is how much testosterone should I use since I'm using the...
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    Domestic-Supply How effective is domestic supply test?

    Was wondering how domestic Supply testosterone compared to testosterone I would get from a pharmacy? Also what are the differences in pricing out over the course of a year. even though I have a prescription it's not enough that my doctor prescribed me so I want to bump my dosage up to 500 mg...
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    How much estrogen repellent

    How much estrogen support or repellent or whatever the heck you guys call it do I need to use when I'm using steroids. my first time using them I did not use anything and I got huge but very watery. My friend doesn’t know what he is talking about I’m currently 32 years old and 234 pounds I’m...
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    Geneza first time using

    This is the first time I've used geneza so they are unfamiliar to me but I had read a lot of positive review so I figured I would try it. I got their testosterone and equipoise for this cycle overall I'm very happy with everything the quality, price, and their customer service was excellent A+
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    Domestic-Supply will be back again highly recommended

    i’ve used domestic supply 4 times already, i won’t bother ordering from anywhere else ever again, they earned my business. they are excellent all around. they responded to everything fast and they did a great job hiding the package. I've ordered testosterone, trenbolone and deca and i feel very...
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    Using equipoise with testosterone

    pretty simple cycle that I want to do. my question is what are the best ratios of using equipoise with testosterone. let's assume that 500 mg of each would be the average dose. Should you do more equipoise if you want to cut down and less testosterone? Or would it be the opposite concept I’m...
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    What to do when you run out early?

    I'm 11 weeks into my 12 weeks cycle and I already ran out of my steroid. It was weird cause it seemed like the first 2 vials i had plenty but the 3rd vial ran out fast I’m doing 500mgs of testosterone propionate and I am injecting every other day. Maybe I screwed up on the dais or something and...
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    Ready for my next cycle

    I'm ready for my next steroid cycle I’m 28 years old and this is my 4th time using I want to try equipoise this time, heard a lot of good things Full stats are 5’8’’ 189 pounds I want to try 800-1000mgs a week of the equipoise along with 300mgs a week of the testosterone. What is your suggestion...
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    [email protected] not quality

    Buckanabolics isn’t quality products at all I should be up a Solid 5 to 10 lb on the stack that I'm doing which is testosterone, Trenbolone, and Dianabol. I haven't gained a single pound on the cycle there is no way this stuff is legit and I am asking them for my money back
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