1. M

    need help with first cycle

    I’m 25 year old 6’1’’ 189 pounds 14% body fat I am planning on doing 500mg a week testosterone but not sure what ester to use and how often I am supposed to inject it? Also what else do you recommend I run with my first cycle? Do I need anything for estrogen or will I be good?
  2. X

    Test enanthate from geneza pharma

    I am going to set myself up on a 12-week cycle with the help of geneza pharma This time I will be using testosterone enanthate has anyone on here use that product and how did you like the BP brand and be honest? also with 300 mg a week be too low of a dose or should I up it higher
  3. S

    Gaining weight from Testosterone

    I am 4 weeks into my cycle and I am getting extremely bloated. I'm running 500 mg a week of testosterone and I'm also running 40 mg a week of winstrol. I'm eating in a deficit I should not be gaining this much weight I started the cycle at around 215 lb and now I'm up to 227 lb Seems like a lot...
  4. H

    Test and tren together

    Please give me an honest review of what you think about my cycle I'm 36 years old and this is the first time I've run Tren with something else trenbolone acetate 250 mg a week testosterone cypionate 200mg a week 16 weeks cycle Current weight around 197 pounds and 5’10’’ Goal is to get to 210+
  5. F

    Testosterone with Trenbolone

    yes I'm posting another Trenbolone thread. but I have a unique situation for me I m going to be using it for the third time oddly enough the first couple times I used it I did not notice much from it I suspect it might be because I was running too low of a dose I was only using 100 mg of...
  6. T

    4th cycle options

    This will be my first cycle the first few I did I didn't really know what I was doing so I didn't get the most out of them I felt I'm currently 41 years old 13% body fat a year ago I was 20% body fat now I want a game back some lean muscle that I lost when I was cutting down my cycle that I had...
  7. N

    Alternate injection sites

    how do you guys manage to rotate your injection sites and Alternate them without running out of spots to inject. I am on a cycle and I'm using testosterone propionate and masteron propionate and I'm running out of places to inject pretty quickly. Is there a guide that tells you best places to...
  8. J

    Craving carbs on cycle

    I'm in the middle of my cycle and I'm craving carbs like crazy I’m using anavar and testosterone enanthate I usually have a very low carb diet and this is very difficult right now can you explain to me why this happens and what it means
  9. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs Stenbolone & Gold Bulk Cycle

    Stenbolone 1/2 ml/ED - 50 mg/ED for 1-2 week then 1 ml/ED - 100 mg/ED Testosterone Enan 1/2 ml - 125 mg/ M-W-F + 250 mg test Undeco on Sunday (625 mg/week) I'm also waiting for an order with the new Bulk Cycle (D-bol 25mg + Drol 25mg - 50mg/tab). As soon as it arrives I will take one tabs for...
  10. S

    Short and quick cycle

    I am going to be cycling steroids and I just want to do it for 6 weeks do you think that that is too short to run steroids? I was thinking of doing 100 mg of testosterone propionate twice a week and I may be adding an oral to it maybe turinabol? I’m 5’10’’ 166 pounds 12% body fat
  11. E

    First testosterone cycle ever

    this will be my first injectable cycle ever I've use orals before I plan on doing testosterone enanthate I’m 27 years old and I am 5 foot 7 inches tall and 165 lb going to do the test for 500 mg a week for 12 weeks. Should I run aromasin or Arimidex with it and should I inject it twice a week or...
  12. B

    cannot sleep on testosterone

    I’m doing 500mg a week of testosterone cypionate I am 6 weeks into it the gains have been good, I’m up about 15 pounds so far I wake up though in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep my wife says I am snoring and tossing and turning a lot more than usual too what should I do?
  13. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary.org 433 Stacking Turinabol with Dianabol and Testosterone with Anavar.

    Evolutionary.org 433 Stacking Turinabol with Dianabol and Testosterone with Anavar. https://www.evolutionary.org/evolutionary-org-433-stacking-turinabol-with-dianabol-and-testosterone-with-anavar/
  14. V

    Geneza GP test E is great!

    I ran other steroid brands in the past and they have been underdosed garbage this time I chose wisely using geneza GP brand. Testosterone enanthate. I've been on 150 mg a week and I got my blood work done and my labs were over a thousand. This stuff is dosed perfect and I highly recommend that
  15. L

    primobolan high dose!

    5’9 188 pounds 14% body fat 28 years old Want to try doing 1000mg a week primobolan. How much test would you use with it? Thinking of running it this way 1000mg primobolan 100mg testosterone should I add an oral? Anyone try this dose and did you have any sides?
  16. W

    [email protected] fake testosterone

    I used skank pharma via their proton mail email, got to list from them and place my order. Everything went really smooth a bit too smooth if you know what I mean. I got my testosterone in the mail I was using it for 4 weeks and went and got blood work. My blood work came in low the stuff is...
  17. D

    Taking Trenbolone everyday

    what has been your experience taking Trenbolone at 50 mg every day with some testosterone someone said to you 75 mg a day minimum but I want to keep the dosage low what kind of side effects can I expect if I add on 100 mg a day of propionate testosterone I like to keep things as simple as...
  18. L

    Best cutter cycle for TRT guy

    I'm in my late fifties and I'm on testosterone replacement therapy. I don't want to take anything that's going to impact my blood work. Currently on 160 mg a week of TRT My goals are fat loss I’m currently 18% body fat 5’9’’ 178 pounds which steroids would be safe to add on to my trt dose...
  19. A

    safe to use crystallized gear

    I keep using testosterone cypionate and it keeps crystallizing. So I am reheating it under the hot sink and it isn’t working anymore. I’m forced to boil it in a pot someone said it was good and means the test is legit. But this is getting annoying. Is their a limit to how many times you can keep...
  20. T

    How important is it to check other blood markers?

    I always thought that when you ran blood work you should stick to liver, testosterone levels, and estrogen levels. But what about other things that are in our blood work that we don't think about. The reason I ask is I can get everything done for an extra hundred dollars from my doctor but if I...