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  1. B

    Approved UGFreak discreet pack good job

    Great job by ugfreak again 3rd time using them All the products got to me on time and no breaks or problems with the post office My sex drive Is incredible on their Trenbolone and testosterone I'm going to use these guys again and I'll recommend them to everybody on here
  2. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs Euro-Pharmacies PSL TRT PLUS

    Praise to this excellent product
  3. M

    using anadrol with tren?

    Here is my steroid stack I am contemplating 500mgs a week trenbolone acetate 10 weeks 50mgs a day anadrol 6 weeks testosterone 50mgs EOD 41 years old, 5’9’’ 158 pounds, body fat is 8% is this too harsh a stack or will I be good?
  4. H

    PuritySourceLabs looking to grab psl products

    I had a question about if anyone has tried some of these PSL products below this is what I am looking for cabergoline trenbolone enanthate testosterone enanthate this will be the basis of my cycle and want to get some help picking the right brand on their website. I want quality, don’t care...
  5. H

    Testosterone choices geneza

    Hmmm.. so i got a choice as to which testosterone to use and i am browsing what geneza has to offer Let's say I wanted to use something for my cycle which was only going to be 8 weeks which testosterone would you choose? and on the flip side if I do decide to cruise which testosterone would you...
  6. L

    How to TRT with sarms

    I had a question about my testosterone replacement therapy My doctor put me on it and i am 45 years old He has me doing 150mgs a week right now if I were to add in some sarms, what I need to drop my trt dose lower? or do I keep the dose the same and do I need to inform him
  7. S

    Adding a kickstarter to cycle

    Hello everyone 5’9’’ 176 pounds 17% body fat I have equipoise 500mgs a week for 12 week planned Adding in 175mgs a week testosterone cypionate I need a Kickstarter because I know it takes a long time for this stuff to build up what is the best thing to use as a Kickstarter?
  8. D

    Steroids Confused about pricing on trusted sites

    I went to domestic supply and the Testosterone Enanthate 1 vial 10ml 250mg/ml by Zhengzhou Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is priced at $75. But then if you go to the company's website, they sell the same exact product for $40. They both use the same shipping and payment tactics but the...
  9. E

    Domestic-Supply Fast shipping from domestic supply

    The boys at domestic supply have been fantastic Dylan and JP have helped me a lot get my cycle together I am going to do Dianabol 20 mg a day and i’ve got testosterone and primobolan not having any issues with aggression or sleep problems on this cycle. My libido is strong and I am making great...
  10. D

    Extremely Low Testosterone- Recommendations Encouraged

    Last October I got extremely sick and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. I believe it was covid but the doctors said it wasn't because I didn't test positive. By December I noticed my sexual function was declining. Super emotional, no more morning wood or erections, barely any jizz coming out on...
  11. E

    Geneza geneza touchdown

    first time ordering like this so I took a chance and they blew away expectations I would highly recommend them. switched to these guys. communication is good had no issues with my order smooth. delivery was fast and package was well sealed. got their testosterone, and dianabol. very effective...
  12. D

    Testosterone high or low?

    wanted to kind of take a poll as to what kind of dosage do you like to use when using testosterone do you like to go with high testosterone or do you like to go with low testosterone? I'm debating that now myself I’m 28 years old and 55kg, and 5’6’’ Not sure the best plan
  13. K

    Steroids Peptides

    Hey Bros what do you think of Sermorelin peptide for shredding ? Does it also help with increasing lean muscle mass when stacked with Test Cyp or it does not add considerable size ?
  14. D

    did I crash my estrogen?

    I'm 26 years old. 6’2’’ and 245 pounds with 25% body fat and I am taking testosterone my anti aging doctor has me on TRT, he calls it sports TRT I’m at 350mgs per week He also put me on hcg, letrozole, arimidex and IGF-1 peptide I'm not sure what happened but I feel awful all of a sudden. I'm...
  15. S

    Underdosed bunk

    I'm doing self testosterone replacement therapy because I'm losing my health insurance since I'm quitting my job and going to become self-employed I ordered driadmedical testosterone. I got their testosterone enanthate I am using 250mg per week and my bloodwork came in low. I would not use these...
  16. C

    Best bulk stack with tren

    I'm 175 lb and 5 ft 11 my body fat is somewhere between 10 and 15% And i am 25 years old I want to bulk up with trenbolone included in my stack My idea was using trenbolone enanthate with either equipoise or testosterone What would be the best way to do it?
  17. A

    TRT with steroids questions

    I am 45 years old and just got on TRT about a year ago I’m 5’8’’ and 210 pounds with 22% body fat approximately I have kind of fallen off the wagon in recent years I'm taking 200 MGS a week of testosterone currently I want to add something to help me lose weight. Would anavar 100mgs a day be a...
  18. R

    I have daily heart burn

    ever since I started using steroids i have gotten heart burn on a daily basis I was on testosterone and clenbuterol did them for about twelve weeks and I cycle the clenbuterol. Anyway the heartburn is bad. Is there a product you can recommend to solve the heartburn issue
  19. J

    primo cycling

    primobolan is expensive that is for sure. But I want to try it. Dropped over a G on this cycle I’m gonna do 500mgs testosterone enanthate with primobolan at 1000mgs a week 12 weeks is my goal but I could go longer. What kind of results can I get here? I’m 40 years old and 5’8’’ 167 pounds
  20. S

    choosing the right testosterone

    this is going to be my first time using steroids and I'm excited I’m 28 years old 5’11’’ 178 pounds I'm looking at several types of testosterone on the websites of the sources on here and wow they're so many options I'm not sure which one to pick. also how long should I run my first cycle?