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We want to announce some very good and long awaited news for all our followers.

Due to the numerous requests for consulting and cycle planning we have received along the time, we have have decided to start a collaboration with a retired IFBB PROathlete to handle all your requests and give you guidance on your bodybuilding endeavors.

There are just a few conditions that you need to meet to be eligible for getting in contact with our pro and get an advice:

- Exclusively for Steroidify customers only.

- This is not a prep service, so no advanced pre-competition protocols, like water manipulation, seo or anything of that nature.

- No cut-paste answer will be given. All replies will be tailored to your case. Give full details for a better understanding of your situation, history and goals.

Please contact our customer service and they we will offer you more details.

thank you,

Steroidify Team





Steroidify has always been a big proponent of purposeful and conscious approach and without a doubt, blood-work is the axiomatic starting point. Interpretation and the resulting lab based plan is going to be the very next step, and we have you covered here with our new blood-work interpretation service on Reddit! Achieve your best physiques without guessing!
Join r/steroidify, post your blood-work* , specify your goal and get free interpretation and a plan from our IFBB Pro + 🔥45% OFF promo code**.
Additionally the most upvoted comment for each blood-work will be rewarded with 50 bonus coins** (1bc = $1) . Do not hesitate to help if you have the advanced experience.
Time to be precise!
*Blood-test panel:
  • Complete Blood Count / CBC (includes Differential and Platelets)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Profile
  • Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LC/MS/MS
  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (IGF-I, LC/MS)
  • Lipid Profile
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
  • Testosterone, Free and Total, LC/MS/MS
  • Thyroid Profile w/ TSH
and more. Please read our article …
**To receive the promo code or bonus coins post the reddit link with your labtest or comment into loyalty discount section here (need to be logged in). After review (24-48 hours) you will be provided with the personal promo code or bonus coins.

  • US domestic warehouses are excluded
  • Discount is delivered in bonus coins and can be immediately(in the same order) used to purchase more products.




The difference between oral and injectable medications

While uses of oral medications and injections are the same in providing relief and for other medicinal purposes, they are often attained differently. The major difference between the two is in the efficacy of the drug. Some people may find relief from oral medications and nothing from injections and vice-versa. During the creation of medicines by scientists, biochemists ensure they choose the right dosage which offers the best efficacy and convenience. The drug to be used for a particular purpose has to do its job successfully and safely. Also, it has to be practical.

Most drugs are either administered orally or through an injection.

Oral drugs are in the form of tablets, which is administered through the mouth and is meant to be absorbed by the stomach. Apart from factors such as gastric acid, food, and other drugs, there are various other factors which play a role in retarding drug absorption. A drug which is metabolised in the intestinal mucosal cells, usually referred to as the first-pass metabolism, has a lower effective amount reaching circulation. For this reason, most drugs administered through the oral routes takes a longer time to act unless they have an instantaneous high absorption rate.

Drugs administered through injections reach the bloodstream fast and cause a prompt action that may be seriously required at the moment. There are several differences between oral and injectable medicaments as explained below.


There has been a common belief that injections are more effective than oral drugs. Some patients even insist on getting injections for them to believe that the treatment is effective. Nevertheless, this is actually not true. For us to understand the effectiveness of a drug, it is important to address why certain drugs are administered orally while others are administered as injections.

Certain drugs administered orally would be ineffective because of their high affinity to be destroyed by enzymes that digest food in the stomach. A good example is insulin which is used to treat diabetes. If insulin is administered orally, it’ll be digested by enzymes in the stomach since it’s a protein. In the same way, other drugs are also ineffective if administered as an injection since they are only effective in solid form. When formulated into an injectable liquid, they easily break down and lose their medical properties. Another key factor to address when it comes to injectable drugs is the instability issue, which basically determines whether an injectable drug will be in the form of powder to be mixed with water before administering. An injectable drug which comes in the form of powder should be soluble in water. The drugs which cannot dissolve in water come in liquid form. When a drug is administered orally, it goes through the process of dissolving and its effectiveness is usually slow.

Amount of time to experience relief

In most cases, injections are administered once, and you may only experience swelling or pain at the injection site for a few days after the procedure. Oral medication is often administered multiple times, and since it’s is meant to mask the source of the problem, patients may need to take the tablets on a daily basis.

Tolerability and state of the patient

Oral medicament has lower tolerability as opposed to injections. Nevertheless, injectable drugs which seem to have higher tolerability have fewer side effects. This is because, with oral medication, the number of missed doses is high, especially for patients using long-term drugs because of the lack of ease of administration.

Some patients can only have their medication administered in the form of injection because it may be impossible for certain patients to take tablets orally. This is especially so for patients, who vomit, become unconscious or are not able to take anything orally. For such patients, an injection alternative for medication which is given orally should be used. In addition, in certain cases such as emergencies, a medical practitioner may choose to use injectable medicaments in order to archive an immediate effect of absorption into the blood directly as compared to tablets which need to be dissolved into the stomach first before getting absorbed into the blood.

Presentation of the drug

The presentation of the drug and what type of disease it’s designed to treat determines how the drug will be administered. Skin conditions which require cream ointments to be rapidly applied or the existence of hookworms in the stomach necessitates the use of oral tablets.


During research and clinical trials, both oral and an injection form of a drug are designed to ensure the same amount of components enters the body regardless of the route used for its administration. This means the efficacy of both oral and injectable medicaments in the treatment of a given condition is the same. In some rare cases, the oral drugs may have a higher dose than the injection in order to compensate for the amount which will not have been absorbed from the stomach in the end. Nonetheless, the amount of the components of the drug in the blood of a patient will still be equivalent to the one injected.

Another misconception which people use to justify injections as being better than oral drugs is that almost all drugs work well when in the bloodstream, which is not always the case. Every drug acts depending on the medical condition of the patient. Consequently, having the injection as a means through which the drug enters the body only offers a time advantage and not an efficacy aim.

Tablets are also much safer compared to injectable medicaments since the latter, if not safely administered, can cause problems such as paralysis. The use of oral or injectable medicaments solely depends on the medical condition and the situation at hand. The medical practitioner will select the best medication that works for your condition.

When it comes to choosing which course of treatment is right for you, it’s vital to let your doctor decide for you. The medical practitioner is supposed to work with you to determine if injections, oral medication or both are appropriate to provide the most effective option for your treatment




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A delivered package to your door from Steroidify is not just a professional and innovative logistics. A delivery from Steroidify makes you a part of our family. Every member of our family is special and should be rewarded.
Who doesn't love a great reward?
Submit us a picture(s) of product(s) you’ve received and you can earn up to $30 store credit! Store credit is cumulative and you can use it at your own convenience.
Please be advised:
1. Every submitted picture is reviewed manually by a dedicated team.

2. Pictures containing security sensitive information will be automatically rejected. Therefore, is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to take photos of our shipping labels and any form of our parcels wrapping and packaging.

Approved pictures will be displayed in our multiple TOUCHDOWNS photo galleries. You’ll be able to see you reward per each picture in TOUCHDOWNS section under “MY ACCOUNT”.

We will also assign approved pictures to their corresponding product.

Thank you for being an active participant in our community and appreciate your contribution in making our family strong and united!






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