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SARMS 5 Crucial tips for first timers looking to buy SARMS

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Are you looking to buy SARMS? You are not alone.
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Thousands of lifetime natural bodybuilders and fitness buffs are now looking to experiment with SARMS.
For the unversed, SARMS or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators have three distinct advantages over anabolic steroids (AAS).

1. They don’t need to be pinned, or ran with a testosterone base.
2. They don’t convert to estrogen and hence cannot cause gynecomastia
3. They don’t cause androgenic side effects such as virilization.

So it’s no wonder that anyone who has considered dabbling in PEDs are thinking of running SARMS over steroids.
However, the burgeoning demand has created an unscrupulous marketplace where counterfeiting and mislabeling is rife.

As a recently conducted study indicated, most of the products being advertised as SARMS are either mislabeled or terribly under dosed.
But that’s not going to stop you from looking to buy sarms.

So here are five tips that can help you make an informed shopping decision and save you from some of the pitfalls of the market.

#1 – Start with the mildest of them all, Ostarine
All SARMS work by selectively binding to androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue, while sparing these receptors in the prostate and the testes.

But what’s amazing is that different compounds show varying degree of affinity to bind to these receptors. Also, the results that these compounds produce are markedly different from one another.

Ostarine (mk2866) is largely considered to be the mildest of them all, which makes it an ideal SARM to start with, if you have never used performance enhancing drugs before.

Well, the world mild here is used primarily to describe the kind of side effects that you can experience while using SARMS. Most first timers have a smooth and event-free cycle with Ostarine.

It is hardly mild in the kind of results it can produce if your diet and workout are on point.
So, if you are looking to buy SARMS, Osta will be a great choice for your first cycle.

#2 – Know the right SARMS for different fitness goals
Before you buy SARMS, you need to be aware of the different compounds that you can use according to your fitness goals. A few years ago, most SARMS sellers only had three to four compounds. Cut to today, there are many.
Ostarine (mk2866): Mild compound best suited for cutting. Is known more for preserving muscle during catabolic diets. However, there’s no reason why you can’t run a bulk with Osta. Just eat in a slight surplus and you should be good to go. In a cutting cycle, Osta will make you lean with a hint of vascularity. Side effects wise, it’s a very gentle compound that doesn’t cause too many problems.
LGD-4033 (anabolicum): This bad boy is the Dianabol equivalent of the SARMS world. Think massive strength surges and a dramatic increase in size. If you are looking to bulk, then this is the SARM you should be buying. However, a lot of these gains will be water and glycogen that you will lose when you stop cycle. Also, your diet needs to be on point while you are on your LGD-4033 cycle, else you will end up gaining a lot of water, which can make your gains look soft.
RAD-140 (Testolone): If you want to buy SARMS for a body recomp, RAD-140 is your best bet. It will make you bigger and leaner with veins popping all over. Think dry gains. However, it can cause severe suppression and is also known to cause liver stress in some users. Insomnia is another reported side effect. So you’d want to go with RAD-140, only if you have a couple of SARMS cycles under your belt.

#3 – Be aware of the compounds that aren’t SARMS
A lot of compounds that are sold on SARMS websites are in fact not SARMS at all. If you are looking to buy SARMS or find a website that offers SARMS for sale, you must be aware of these as well.
1. MK677 or Ibutamoren (Nutrobal): This is a Growth Hormone secretagogue that mimics the action of the hunger hormone ghrelin in the body, and thereby stimulates the release of endogenous GH. It’s primarily used as a PCT drug since it prevents fat gain and reverses a negative nitrogen state caused due to catabolic diets. But many SARMS users run it throughout their cycle as well. Watch out for MK if you are looking for SARMS for sale.
2. YK11: Extremely strong compound that’s often sold on SARMS websites. But in reality, this is a Myostatin Inhibitor, which is a fancy way of saying that it’s an anabolic steroid or as close to one as it can get. We personally wouldn’t touch it yet, since there are zero clinical studies on it. It does produce some phenomenal results though. But so does Dianabol, which has a lot more clinical studies to back it up.
3. Cardarine (gw501516): Cardarine is a PPAR delta agonist. Not a SARM. But it’s a very effective compound for increasing endurance and improving cardiovascular performance.
If you could only run 5 miles in an hour before, Cardarine will increase that to 8 and there will still be gas left in the tank.
4. Stenabolic (SR9009): Stenabolic is a PPAR delta agonist. Not a SARM. However, it's extremely effective at increasing endurance and improving cardio. It's in the same stamina family as cardarine but it needs to be dosed more frequently. You will need to dose SR9009 at least 3-5 times per day for best results.


#4 – Look for third party testing
Every time you see a new, fancy website that offers SARMS for sale, ensure that you do a little due diligence and don’t get swayed by the prices alone.
Third party lab reports are extremely important to ensure that the SARMS that you buy are pure, unadulterated and not under dosed.
Also, some websites offer outdated reports for a batch of product that was procured months ago. That’s a red flag.

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If the third party lab testing for the most recent batch isn’t uploaded online, ask for it. If they do not have third party reports, don’t even bother buying.

#5 – Subscribe to mailing lists on reputed sites
From time to time, most reputed SARMS sellers run flash sales and discounts, which are a great time to stock up on your SARMS.
There’s only one way to stay updated with these though.

Subscribe to their mailing lists. This will keep you updated about any upcoming promotions and you can get your SARMS for sale at throwaway prices.
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About the Author:
Chuck Pillazio is an Admin and moderator on multiple forums. He holds 2 personal training certification right now, and he's working on his Masters in Addiction Studies.

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@Anabolex-Chuck this is a good high quality sarms article.

I like how you lay out the difference between real sarms and sarms-like compounds that aren't actually sarms, aka cardarine/stenabolic.

I also agree that 3rd party testing is crucial to getting high quality legitimate sarms, without COAs you never know the quality of the product you're getting.


Awesome new article about sarms and awesome new format.

My thoughts on this is without testing it's Not sarms, just a guess it's sarms BUT more importantly, you have to buy from approved suppliers with experience and customer feedback.

If they are anabolex approved, then you know they are trusted and legitimate, otherwise stay away from suppliers who are not approved, they are usually scammers.


This is an interesting sarms article. I find newbies don't know the difference between sarms and PPAR delta agonists, so this is a perfect guide for them.

one thing I noticed missing is a discussion of S23 which is the MOST suppressive sarm on the market right now.


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