Alibaba hgh scam and review


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here is my story guys, I'm 31 and wanted to get real lean but no steroids so decided to hgh it
I searched around and check to find some cheap HGH. Found alibaba and thought "wow great prices for hgh" like 1/2 price!
trial 1
I found a supplier Guangzhou pharmaceuticals HGH, I contacted them they were on top of everything answered every moment, after they asked I send money via money gram, I sent money gram, guess what! after picking up my money they blocked me and never responded, so trial 1 = scam, stole my money and ran away

trial 2
found a 2nd supplier Shenzhen pharma same story but I checked they did ship packages to others they even sent me example tracking, again I went and paid but with western union, the package was SHIPPED this time to my surprise and guess what, packages from China to USA = seized by customs, they reshipped and it's seized again, after a reship they blocked me and didnt contact me again

so all in all, i'm out a lot of money with this china hgh scam on alibaba, i do NOT suggest anyone use alibab to buy anything, it's a complete scam guys!


I don't suggest buying anything from Alibaba. It's full of scammers and thieves. Stay away from alibaba and never send money to anyone there. Dangerous.

Masonic Bodybuilder

I am not surprised by this at all. It happens to a ton of guys when they get into this game. All you can do is learn and move on. This is why we have approved sources here that have been vetted by the mods. I recommend next time you just order from Domestic-Supply so you know you are not getting scammed and so you know you are getting legit HGH.


Alibaba is a company out of China that has no oversight and is full of scammers. It might have been good 15 years ago but now full of scams.

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