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I was born at night but I wasn't born last night
I got some kits of hgh from oneQ. supposed to be one of the best sources out there for human growth hormone
silly me
I got a pregnancy test and I crossed checked it and it came up positive so this stuff is really HCG! so I paid 10 times the amount for nothing
Domestic Supply is a known trusted and verified source that has been at the top of the class for over a decade. I would highly suggest you make the switch to domestic supply!
most of these suppliers are selling fakes clearly
Oneq was a Russian company (they were crowd funded partially ) but, they shut down last I talked to them online. Site gone(2019) . Idk if they had good products( couldn’t get real data or labs from them that made any sense .

Maybe they were or are back but, it wasn’t a good sign just closing up.

Poster above is correct- use sponsors here
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