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Balkan Primobolan at Domestic Supply!


We all know that primobolan is a very expensive compound that is often faked... This is not a news flash to anyone however there are still places that are reputable and put pride in their products. Look no further than Domestic Supply, an industry leader for so many years. Domestic Supply carries many top name brands and for me, none better than Balkan... Balkan is one of the most well known brands in existence. Domestic Supply carries Balkan Primobolan, which for me, is the best quality you can find. If you are looking for real, quality primobolan, look no further than Domestic Supply!!


Fella Finn

This is exactly the primo that I use as well. It was definitely the best I have ever used and Balkan is just an amazing brand! Domestic Supply has many Balkan products!


yeah Balkan is awesome as is every other brand at domestic-supply

domestic-supply is the only source I would ever mess with. greg is top notch an A+ all the way
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