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BionicLabs PM on meso rx fake gear


I used these guys Bionic Labs, they don’t even have a website but I PM’d their rep on meso as a verified source and got a list. I then ordered testosterone, primobolan and trenbolone.
Was supposed to be a good late summer stack. Turns out it was all bunk, bloodwork confirmed


If you want a trusted source that not only has some of the best customer service you can find but also top quality and shipping speed, look no further than Domestic Supply... An industry leader for over a decade, you will know you are taken care of at all times with them!

Fella Finn

Domestic Supply is the go to source for so many and has been for well over a decade. There are countless reviews, threads and excellent feedback posted on many many sites. The quality speaks for itself. I would strongly recommend making the change to Domestic Supply !
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