napsgeargenezapharmateuticals domestic-supplypuritysourcelabsSarms for Saleunclez.rueudomestic a huge hassle


no you didnt send me fakes, you sent me NOTHING at all, shame for you to scam me like this

you stole my money and didnt ship anything, its in another state you scum
That's Not good at all, sorry man, seems bodyroids scammed you hard.

Guys, you bring proof that you received fake products or were cheated by BODYROIDS,
sounds like you didnt even ship his stuff not just fakes


no you didnt send me fakes, you sent me NOTHING at all, shame for you to scam me like this

you stole my money and didnt ship anything, its in another state you scum
@BODYROIDS seems like they selectively scam guys, they send good stuff to some and bad stuff to others, very bad

I would never use bodyroids, damn thief he wont even come defend himself and mods and admins told me they don't know him.




I think @BODYROIDS didnt come back because he knows he was exposed as a scammer. If he was legit he would come and discuss the twitter thread where he's called out from lying.

I don't see why he wouldn't defend himself if he's legitimate. If he's legit, come discuss it, but before I was in middle on reviews maybe real maybe not, but now I'm starting to think he really scamming.


Yea bodyroids really went bad, not shipping right and taking money and selectively shipping like a selective scammer.
I don't understand I saw bodyroids .com reviews that are very bad and very good, I'm guessing the good reviews he's posting or someting.

Admin told me there is a .mx fake bodyroids too, it's possible we are talking about the wrong guy but he's not around so I'm guessing maybe he is the scam.


Guys, thank you for understanding..
there are several stores with the same domain.
I don't want to be misunderstood.
King of a fishy story why do they have the SAME name? and products look similar
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