car deadlift PR set


Hey this past month we had the Bluegrass event which is a contest I promoted out in the Dakota's where some powerlifters came into town. I did some reps on the Suburban and it was pretty fun. after there was blood coming out of my nose lol, think i popped a vein or something. yes we actually lift cars, if you haven't tried it yet you should. anyway this past weekend there was a car accident and a car was flipped and the people were jammed inside, so I and my buddy (also a competitor) managed to flip the car and we helped the passengers out. was crazy! just wanted to share the story and see if you had any superman stories too!


You repped with a suburban? I doubt it man 😄
It's doable. The cars are up on a frame so it's how much it feels like where the hands go (via leverage).

I headbutted a solid ass front door open once (our family dog was dying in my arms)