cleanse helps with passing drug test?

Is there a supplement I can take that will help cleanse and detox my body fast so I can pass a drug test? Basically my story is simple. I an interviewing for a job tomorrow and I'm sure it will require me getting tested if they hire me. My issue is I smoke pot daily and I am sure that even if i stop now I will get busted.


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You can flush out the metabolites of steroids and maybe weed before a blood test but it will take at least a week.


i was once told by a guy in Jamaica that you can drink 'a lot of beer' and you can pass a drug test. obviously that is bullshit but my point is there are a lot of theories out there on ways to cheat the test but people continue to fail them left and right regardless
There is nothing you can do to get to where marijuana will not show on your test. Steroids are different because you will likely not be tested for them. It is a different test and is pretty expensive. Most employers are looking to test for recreational drugs like marijuana, opiates, etc.


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No only thing you can do is come off early enough. You cant cleanse metabolites out of your system. Time is the only way to get rid of them