coming off a 4 year cycle


I've been using steroids for 4 years straight and i have stopped gaining so i am going to come off. my cycle was very simple, 1G of test a week and every few months i would throw in some other things like tren, eq, dbol etc. now I am cruising on just 200mg a week and my lethargy and loss of strength/size is pissing me off. should i just come off everything and PCT?


I suggest you come off but it will take at least 16 weeks to pct. I would say 8 weeks for every year you're on cycle. So 4 years about 16 weeks pct


pure and simple your body has become sick inside. i would hate to be in your shoes and see what your bloods look like. it won't be pretty.

what you are doing and have done is NOT healthy, i think you should know that


Growing Newb
Your natural test production 99% will be lower than your test levels on a 200mg a week "cruise." Basically you will feel even worse on PCT. I would go to a Dr and get your bloodwork done immediately. Testosterone itself isn't that bad for men to take but the AI you are taking and the other gear is terrible for your health. I mean you should know this but when it comes to steroids (not trt) its not if your cholesterol will be bad, its how long is it safe to have bad cholesterol. Is it 8 weeks? 12 weeks? You know thats a reason cycling protocol exists