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Pretty horrific experience with crazybulk sarms
Oh my god don’t order from them
Their products got to me and the tabs were completely crushed. They put them in a thin manilla envelope. Just stupid all around like they have no experience at this stuff
Their liquids taste like glue and don’t work at all. How do you not notice a thing after 6 weeks?
They don't sell sarms... theres the first issues... they sell what they call, "natural sarms" which is generally a cocktail of vitamins, bcaas, protein powders and natural herbs... you are not noticing things you expect because you are NOT using sarms and they have very tricky marketing that fools you into thinking you are...
As Dylan said, they do not even sell true sarms, they are just essentially a combination of supplements you can buy at almost any store at this point. You can go to their product descriptions and see what is in there and quickly understand their marketing is extensive lies. It is a large marketing scam that preys on newbies by verbage, pictures and fake reviews they have posted and paid for sells fake sarms it's a FACT the worst kind of scammer
If I would have received a package like that I would be fuming lol. That is trash definitely use Sarms4Sale or Umbrella Labs
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