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I sent domestic roids $1000 and they never sent me my products
I tried a 2nd order with them for $500 and they again never sent it
the person over there said he never got my $$$ and I would have to re-send it. I feel cheated.
this is all about trust, which is hard with anything in life and definitely in this realm... you want to be able to see many years of reviews, feedback, bloodwork etc... my best experiences have always come with domestic supply sucks the gear is bad read
domesticroids isnt even domestic i think
That is absolutely brutal man. Next time you should go with Domestic-Supply. You will get your products fast and know they are the best quality available.
I would STRONGLY suggest you visit Domestic Supply moving forward. They are know for being the go to place for so many ! You have so many options of the top brands to choose from along with the best customer service and shipping speed!
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