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  1. P my true review

    Rroids are good bros They are always there for you when you need them I had a last minute problem when my vial of testosterone busted. I needed to order it and get it to me fast. They were able to help me out and shipped it out right away. They are awesome, give them a shot sometime
  2. S

    [email protected] reddit review

    I am very pleased with this source I ordered 5 vials of different items They delivered them all on time and i’ve used the products for 4 weeks so far and i like them Up 4 pounds in that short a time
  3. L

    worst steroids ever

    I’ve been using steroids for the past 15 years and I will safely say that purple panda is the worst source I have ever used they have poor products all around and I’m disappointed in the results I’ve been getting it doesn’t even feel like I am on anything !!
  4. O

    source disappeared [email protected]

    I ordered from a source called pharmasource. They are a proton source by email I’m sad that they ended up screwing me over the guy ended up sending me a partial order and then he was gone out of the blue I am not sure what to do
  5. H

    Fake testosterone

    Yet another source gone bad I ordered from driadmedical 2 years ago and their testosterone was good to go. Even put up a couple reviews praising them Now they went bad. I’m using their test E and my numbers are coming in only 600 even though i’m on a 1000mgs per week :(
  6. Y

    [email protected] trustworthy?

    I’m a bit worried after sending them some money on an order i made via email They Don't seem to even have a website. so I'm supposed to trust that guy with an email. What a mistake I did use edenlabs won’t do it again
  7. K

    crashed pct from

    I crashed hard after coming off a 12 week steroid cycle I’ve always recovered fine before so this is weird I was using expresspct this time I have a feeling these pct products are fake don’t trust
  8. V

    [email protected] 4 figure loss

    I feel embarassed about being scammed I lost about 1500$ using bionic labs I made my order via their email list. The products never arrived so I asked them what was up they hit me up and said that they shipped and to be patient after a month I made them reship, the guy said he would but never...
  9. P

    [email protected] underdosed for sure

    Yeah tripleB has underdosed garbage gear Their testosterone and hgh i have been on for 4 weeks Seeing zero results on anything Its like i’m not even using nothing lol
  10. S

    Bleh using

    I was told to put up reviews because it helps others I’ve been using basicstero products for 12 weeks this is my last week on it Bleh is my review. not my best cycle. do you like the products are underdosed Would not use them again. I'm going to try one of the approved sources next time who do...
  11. N

    Testosterone underdosed?

    I got some testosterone propionate from I've been on this stuff for 4 weeks and not seeing any type of benefits in fact I think that it's underdosed because my libido has crashed and I'm not getting any sort of weight or strength improvements
  12. D

    Order mixup

    They once again mixed up my order I had order deca-durabolin from them and they sent me testosterone instead the previous time I had ordered primobolan and the vial had no label at all and i had it tested and it was equipoise. I asked them about that they said it was a mix-up and would reship...
  13. L

    Lost parcel :(

    So Rroids seems to have lost my parcel The tracking has it getting to my city and then it started to loop around And then just stopped tracking I asked them for a refund and they refuse. They say not their problem the post office Lost the package. I don’t think this is right, shouldn’t they make...
  14. J service sucks

    This is the worst service I have ever dealt with in my life I ordered from dracorexlabs I sent them the funds within minutes after ordering I waited a couple days then I messaged them and ask them what the deal was and they said that they never got anything from me. I've been fighting with them...
  15. F

    Pareto BTC scam?

    I sent paretopharma some bitcoin Sent them about $800 they claim they never got it I have proof in the etherscan that it went through so now it's just a he said she said type of deal I'm not sure what to do in this situation how can you trust these sources when they can claim they never got it...
  16. F

    Fake primobolan

    I have been using 24hreup for 5 weeks Nothing has gone right I’m doing their primobolan solo 500mgs a week I am getting Major water retention and also developing gynecomastia because my nipples are getting itchy and bigger I am convinced these products are fake and will not recommend them again
  17. T

    My true review

    Wanted to post my review on finestgear It is a positive experience My first pack got lost or stolen in the mail They said to wait a full five weeks and then they would do a re ship for me. After the agreed-upon time I message them and they shipped it out 2 days later and I finally got it in the...
  18. E has gone bad?

    I ordered from crazydoser several times but this time it looks like they have gone bad not at all pleased with their delivery. I placed the order 3 weeks ago and no tracking at all. Have no clue where it is and still waiting. They refuse to give me my tracking number and say it will get here...
  19. H crappy products

    do yourself a favor and don’t dare use interpharmserv they stink bigtime their customer service is crap, they are rude and their products are diluted so badly you won’t gain a thing on their stuff
  20. J do not recommend

    sorry but do not recommend using alphawolflabs my first order went smooth with them. My 2nd order not so much order never showed up and they ignore me now. Sent them proof of payment and nothing