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  1. Z

    Very bad gear

    Not having a good experience using anabolic The gear is not good. It's giving me a lot of problems when I inject it. I'm getting some fevers and I'm getting a lot of big bubbles forming on my skin. I'm concerned that the gear might be dirty. Do you think that I should throw the stuff...
  2. F thieves

    These guys sportslifepower are thieves pure and simple. Do not trust them! I ordered from them and they stole my money after i sent it to them Haven’t gotten a thing from them. I’m heartbroken cause i was looking forward to start my cycle after new years.
  3. A error with order

    I ordered 2 things from gbnstore I got their trenbolone and anavar They ended up sending me test and dbol. I asked what happened. Their guy respond that he didn’t think i wanted the tren cause it had complaints and the var they were out of stock with. Silly, just send what i ordered!
  4. Y

    I’m not feeling well on

    I have been using basicsteroid hgh and testosterone for 8 weeks I really haven’t been feeling well. Do you think its maybe test flu or could be just a coincidence? my fever is around 100 degrees for like 4 straight days each time i inject
  5. I free gear!

    So check this out I ordered from sportlifepower I got 2 vials of testosterone and 2 packets of anavar Imagine my surprise when I opened up my package to find an extra vial of Trenbolone and equipoise inside. they had sent me free samples of both. that was really cool of them to do.
  6. J worst company lol

    Any company with monster in their name should have been a red flag haha I ordered their hgh. Been on this trash for 12 weeks. 5iu’s per day. Zero results This stuff is fake! Don’t use monster gear
  7. C failure

    My order from doping team went as bad as you can imagine Took forever to get my products Once i got my products i realized how bad the gear was running 500 mg of testosterone plus 2 orals and 0 results. Its fake steroids!
  8. B $500 lost

    I made an order for 3 vials of testosterone and some packs of anavar Not the cheapest cycle to say the least. It cost $500 total I sent the money to them and they ghosted. Reminds me of a chick who stops texting you back. It sucks. I wouldn’t use them
  9. X boneheaded move

    Won’t be using these people again Was double charged on my gear How does 2 vials of test and 3 vials of tren equate to $700? That is a ripoff I should have done my research but still.
  10. L screwed up

    I ordered testosterone Cyp and trenbolone from steroids outlet they sent me test E and sustanon instead I got in touch with them and the guy said that what he sent me was better, less complaints well that isn’t what I wanted!
  11. S fake hgh

    no doubt that purple panda labs sells fake hgh I am using 5iu’s per day my friend is using 8iu’s per day as he competes no results for either one of us. My friend went and got his igf1 tested and it came in normal range even after he injected 10iu’s 2 hours prior. That isn’t good at all
  12. D slow service

    I’m using turkish pharmacy Silly me for trusting them. I’ve had to follow up with them over 8 times to finally get them to ship my products after they shipped the product it took an additional 5 days for me to even get a tracking number. And I'm still waiting for it to even get through customs...
  13. D

    Nasty service

    Whoever i was dealing with at aaspharmacy needs to learn proper service I made my order online and waited 3 days to get instructions on sending the money I reached out to them to make sure that I was sending it correctly in the person started screaming at me saying that I was taking too long to...
  14. D labs no longer a good one

    I posted a review on chiron a year ago on some forums and recommended them As of now however I can no longer recommend them after what they did to me I ordered primobolan and sustanon and they shipped me trenbolone and testosterone, they shipped me the wrong products!! They then said that they...
  15. C

    Failure on

    Just an overall crappy cycle I did 400mgs testosterone enanthate 500mgs sustanon 350mgs primobolan My results were poor. Only put on 3 pounds in 12 weeks An absolute joke. I also developed gynecomastia on cycle too
  16. L way off on products

    aaspharmacy has horrible products they are way off first off I ordered anavar. The lab kit results showed up as dianabol 2nd I ordered primobolan and the kit results showed up as deca. Wtf? This is horrible and wrong!
  17. P thumbs down

    Not a fan of muscletekgear Its a poor source Place my order 2 weeks ago I ordered trenbolone and masteron I love that stack a lot and was looking forward to using it. I sent the money and they keep claiming they never got the full amount when i can prove i did. Not sure what to do. thinking...
  18. S weak products

    very very weak steroids from jonabiotech I should be up bigtime in strength. I’m using their superdrol doing 20mgs a day, then upped the dosage higher I should be having some crazy side effects and nothing. I chewed up the tab and it tastes like sugar. Something is off here
  19. J wrong products

    I am very upset today after trying strongsteroid I ordered trenbolone enanthate and primbolan They instead sent me dianabol and testosterone cypionate How in the world could you mix them up like that lol? after I ask them what the deal was they demanded I take pictures and send it to them. I did...
  20. H let me down bigtime

    I used and am very upset the way they treated me first after I made my order I went back to sign in and my order was gone. So had to do it all over again and search for what I wanted. So I made 2 orders. I sent the money and they got mad that I didn’t pay for the first one. Their...
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