dragon ordnance scammers!


since I was threatened by dragon ordnance i will post this quick and easy!

money sent november 11, 2020
money picked up november 12,2020 by dragon himself
fake tracking # given to me november 27! (took 2 weeks to ship)
december 27 no package and no reship and they claim they shipped
post office says the shipping tracking number is fake and this means what? dragon ordnance scammed me out of my money and sent me fake tracking # to shut me up

well I WONT SHUT UP! give me my money back scammers


sorry to hear that, you're not the first to be scammed by dragon ordnance, they are selective scammers, take a look at this


seems like the dude lost his temper. he probably mixed up your order and thinks you are trying to get free gear.

he should have handled it properly from the start. and if he did mix up your order he should have fessed up to it and been better organized. sounds like dealing with a car dealership here. it doesn't have to be that much of a headache. go with domestic supply next time

Masonic Bodybuilder

Honestly, I would just let it go and move on. This stuff does happen in this game and you have to remember that the guy is an underground drug dealer. Not the best idea to continue to fight with him.
shit i just got scammed by this same guy.

Totally bunk masteron. took 150mg a day and no effects, nothing. no acne no nothing.

messaged them calling them out and guess what, no response back. totally ghosted me.

tried another dealer and also bunk shit. anyone know where to get real masteron and proviron.