first time lifter, how much weight?


I am going to be signing up at the gym near my house that is now open and i want to get into weight training, been reading up on articles and i have a good setup for 5X5 lifting doing compound lifts to start. my question is though for a guy who is 140 pounds, 18 years old and skinny, what would be a starting weight on those big lifts?


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I would start with natural lifts like push ups, sit ups and squats, don't start pounding weight until you can do 100 push ups.
Agree with Steve, the bar is the place to start, but here is my other 2 cents, the one thing I wish I would have known at 18. Warm up the joints, warm up the muscle, don't jump to the 60% of max set one. Learn the form and avoid injury.


Speaking of what I would wish I have known @ 18. I'd make my first step in getting all you values including a complete blood work done. Knowing what your levels are (esp. testosterone) at your natural prime can prove invaluable in the years to come. Don't hold back on this, get every test you can think of including your BF%, HR, VO max, etc. Also, don't forget to take well-lit, relaxed photos (do I even need to mention that these days?). You can thank me later.


whatever you are able to do with proper form buddy... there's no set number, especially at your age... the important thing is you learn how to do things the proper way now so you don't develop bad habits etc...


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Its whatever weight you can do with good form within your rep range. Nobody can tell you what that weight will be