Goroids.com bad PIP


this isn't really opposed to bash these guys, however their gear is impossible to use. Maybe I'm just allergic to it, or maybe the gear is dirty I have no idea. I've never had any issues injecting steroids. But there testosterone cypionate is crazy post injection pain. I had to end up just tossing it because it's impossible for me to use it, really bad red welts


my recommendation is always with domestic supply... not only because of having top quality but also having the best customer service and shipping speed as well... also having an owner like Greg who is just a damn good person in general... i take so much comfort in knowing what a genuinely good person he is and how much care he has for everyone

Fella Finn

That does not sound good. Domestic Supply is the name I always come back to when it comes to quality and trust. They are my exclusive, number 1, go to source!
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