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Trust me when i say to stay away from grizzlyroids they are awful
I ordered 2 things from them
Testosterone and winstrol
Both arrived damaged and they won’t replace


This is a constant that we see with untrustworthy sources taking advantage of others. Rest assured that @Finestgears is the most reputable and credible source out there. Definitely check them out and they will quickly become your new one stop shop!


If you looked at reviews and feedback you would have a far better chance of avoiding issues... You can see that Domestic Supply is consistently viewed as one of the best!


Moderator called out so many times I dont see why anyone uses them anymore
read this


bros my review of is always negative they did me wrong a few times


Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
I dont know if Grizzlyroids is a full scammer or selective scammer but I know many guys post bad reviews on them for sure


Gold gets no trust or love from me, they even have a super shady name if you ask me


Silver sucks the big one, I dont like them because their site is hard to navigate and many members complained about the quality of the gear IF they actually get it


Silver is 50/50 sometimes you get scammed sometimes you get some gear
hard to say with this crew
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