Hormonesource.com scam


Do not use hormone source for your steroids they are awful. I ordered from them and it has been 2 months of back and forth trying to figure out where my package is. First they said that the post office had lost it now they're saying their supplier never shipped it. Are these people drunk or what?


Hormonesource.com scammed a few guys on anabolex already sorry you were scammed, lets post their payment info and expose them.


Domestic Supply has been an industry leader well over a decade. You need to be very careful when buying ped's of any kind and trust is everything. Domestic Supply is the best of the best and you will never encounter these kinds of issues by sticking with them!

Fella Finn

Domestic Supply is the source I have been exclusively using for some time now. The company provides top notch quality and customer service along with fast, discreet domestic shipping. Factor that in with the selection of top name brands and you get the best source you will find!
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