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Approved Log Mobster - back on the grind log

Power Squat Machine
Braced hard into the pads so as to not bend the piece of steel
180kg x 8 reps, 380kg x 8 reps, 565kg x 5 reps

Leg Press
Got too greedy on all sets (too lazy to adjust etc)
312kg x 8 reps, 452kg x 8 reps, 652kg x 2 reps

Lying Leg Curls
Rep quality could have been better)
4p x 8 reps, 9p+2.5kg x 8 (6+1+1)

Leg Extensions
1/2 stack x 8 reps, stack+12.5kg x 6 (tgt was 8)
Iso Lever Low Row
40kg/88lbs x 15 reps, 80kg/176lbs x 12 reps, 120kg/264lbs x 10 reps

Close Grip Bench Press
to 175kg x 2, upped to 180kg/396lbs x 2 x 2 (touch from spotter on 2nd rep both times)

MiraFit 60mm Rolling Handle
LH: +85kg/187lbs x 2, 2 and F
RH: +92.5/203.5lbs x 3, 3 and 2 reps
your low row 120kg is huge
mobster is showing off now!
@ Powerhouse just cos. But also cos I know I'd push myself harder at the gym vs at home
Seated Press
usual warm ups then 110kg/242lbs x 6 reps

Saxon Bar Work - 3 inch square
Made a mistake warming up thinking 72.5kg was 82.5kg but carried on working up via 92.5kg x 1 then 102.5kg x 1 and finally 107.5kg/236.5lbs x 4 x 1 reps (first one made me dizzy)
The 'heavier' arm day
Hammer Dumbbell Curls
w/up then 30kg/66lbs x 16, 50kg/110lbs x 16 and 70kg/154lbs x 16 reps

Skull Crushers
bar (9kg) x 20, 29kg x 12, 49kg x 12 and 81.5kg/179lbs x 8 reps

Reverse (Extensors) BB Standing Wrist Curls
bar (20kg) x 20, 40kg/88lbs x 12 and 60kg/132lbs x 9 reps then a d/s to the bar x 20 reps
Might have trained a little too quick. Legs usually takes longer and I was done at around 1h 20mins. That MIGHT have had an effect on the leg curls and leg extensions
Lever Squat
Not sure if this is a PB.
120kg x 8 reps, 220kg x 8 reps, 350kg/770lbs x 4 reps. No spotter

Iso Lever Leg Press
no warm up just this one set
200kg/440lbs (one leg at a time) x 6 reps

Lying Leg Curls
4p x 8 reps (easy) 9p x F dropped to 6p x 8 reps


Leg Extensions
1/2 stack x 8 reps, stack+12.5kg x F, dropped to stack x 8 reps
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