muscle cramping normal sarms?


I am doing a massive sarms stack as recommended by my coach. He first tried to get me to use steroids but I turned him down for legality reasons and fear that my wife would get mad. So I settled on sarms. He has me on this stack:
  • MK677 nutrobal 15mg/day
  • RAD140 30mg/day
  • MK2866 ostarine 20mg a day
  • GW cardarine 30mg day
  • SR9009 stenabolic 30mg a day
  • S4 andarine 100mg a day
also having bad vision sides besides the bad cramping, should I use taurine?


i have never seen such a massive sarm stack. that isn't going to be good on your cholesterol or liver bro. try and stick to just 3 at a time