my thoughts on PT-141 after using it

I decided to give PT-141 a shot to help with erections and libido. I'm in my 50's and decided to use it over the weekend when we both had lots of free time to play around. I pinned 2mg which is a high dosage vs. the .5 most people start with. did not feel well until 2 hours later when i got an erection, banged my wife 7 hours after injection. no rise in libido at all all night just random boners that made it hard to pee. final grade: A on the erections but a D for libido.


Such drugs don't make you wanna fuck more (libido). That comes from androgens and your head.


we are becoming a weaker society by the hour. everyone 'needs something' just to have sex. it is a combination of stress, social media, porn addiction, poor sleeping habits, poor diet, and electronics.

a strong person does not need to 'take something' just to get an erection or have libido. that includes going on TRT

people need BALANCE in their lives. it is hard to achieve so i won't ever blame the person/victim, but you can help it by shutting off your tv and social media


Never tried PT141 but cialis and adderall is bomb. I stole my dad's cialis all the time in my early 20s and was smashing 27 year old broads like they had never been fucked before.