Out of Gym training with the Buddha


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With the recent spike in Covid cases being reported I am already hearing about gyms, which had recently reopened, closing again for an indefinite period of time. So I'm starting this thread so we can encourage each other to find ways to challenge ourselves physically and develop our physiques regardless.

I'll keep the whole philosophical stuff to a minimum here (not completely absent, so don't call me out for the occasional reference to mindfulness) so that everyone can feel comfortable posting their training ideas or asking questions about how to hit particular body parts. (You can hop over to my Buddha in the Mix thread for unique insights and encouragement if that is something else your interested in. I try to keep it interesting.)

So here we go. Share your favorite body weight, resistance band, whatever exercises and let's support each other through the struggles.

We are on this journey, and posting on this thread, together...


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You know I've been hearing rumors of places possibly shutting down again but nothing in the news or announced just rumors, I really hope they dont , I've been working so hard to get back into shape on my cut and I still have a good 2 months of my sarms cycle left, I'd hate to have to stop it short. Weird times we are living in
I am lucky enough to have a home gym but I think pull ups would be my favourite body weight exercise. Now is a great time to focus on diet and getting in more cardio. I think the current situation is ideal for getting lean and putting your body in a position where it is ready to grow when all this ends.


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Awesome to see everybody dropping in.

Yea, it sucks to think things are going in reverse, but we can support each other and stay encouraged regardless.

So a thing I realized while training with resistance bands, it's easy to do a drop set. All you have to do...I'll use one arms rows as an example;

Step away from the point resistance with arm extended like you would a straight set then move one step further away, which increases the resistance and go to failure then step in and do a set to failure. You can actually do this as a triple drop set just by moving further away and moving back slowly. I have done something similar with every body part but legs and it was great.

Check it out and let me know what you think...
I'm doing a lot of training at home. I'm doing a lot of volume like 200 push up at a run followed by 200 and squads and lunges.
I used a similar thing with legs too and was surprised by the soreness the next day...


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I remember how cold it was outside that first morning I went out and started doing push ups on the frozen ground. Now, as I check in with my physique these few months later, it's all a golden memory. A reminder of what is possible when you refuse to give up.

Feel free to post up your favorite body weight exercises to encourage the other Bros here.