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So i bought several products from outlook India
Full disclosure I do not know much about steroids so this is just a guess
But i got 2 of their testosterone vials and 2 of their trenbolone vials
The tren looks very rusty colored and their test is clear. I am not sure this stuff is real or not. It is safe to use?


Thats because outlookindia is a known lying scam site... steer clear of that trash... they have so many FAKE publications etc... I would not go near that cess pool of misleading trash!! You have to put in the time to do your research before using these companies... the forums are great tools to help you make safe and wise decisions on these kinds of things... if you look everywhere, you can easily see domestic supply being brought up over and over again as the best!


Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
Red popped up a virus warning for me lol

Fella Finn

This is a terrible website that I have always heard to stay away from! For the most trusted and best quality products, go with Domestic Supply!
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