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Very nice testosterone from


Outlook india has really good testosterone and i highly recommend them
I'm looking at using testosterone cypionate and I was using 500 mg a week of their testosterone enanthate. Was getting blood numbers that were really high on it even on only $500 a week. I will say that this stuff is dosed really well
Remember to stick with trusted sources, that are well known and have been verified time and time again. There are none better than Domestic Supply!
I can tell you right off the jump that outlookindia is definitely a shady and no trustworthy site. They have so many fake publications and it is a very corrupt site from a very corrupt location. I would strongly advise you to steer very clear of them. I would highly recommend checking out @Finestgears for the most trusted company you are going to encounter! Make sure to check them out!
You might want to avoid this site

its really spammy and scammy looking and I guess I would never trust it

I would look at @Finestgears which is the name and company you can def trust
never use ever
Domestic Supply is who I would strongly recommend to use. They have a longstanding reputation, over a decade, as being at the top of the class! They have the best quality, customer service and have a large selection of the top brands one could want!
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