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Approved Log Simon Log 2.0 - Anavar, TestE, EQ & Primo

Fantastic job man. It's very important for us to always have a flat stomach. Keep it going. I want to see where you are at a couple months from now, and a year from now.
@SteveSmi thanks brother. It will be interesting to see how the remainder of the year goes just on trt. I think as long as I stay committed and focused I should maintain. I could dial in my diet a little more but have really had my eyes opened to the effects of eating regarding physique and digestion and overall feel. I don't think I want to drop below 200 pounds.
I weighed in at 210.8 pounds today. I feel like I am shrinking but I do feel a lot better overall. Definitely have lost some strength, (understandably so only lifting twice a week and no longer back squatting or deadlifting) I've lost muscle mass as well and certainly some fat. I will likely schedule a scan here again in the coming weeks by months end as end of cycle gauge.

Diet, Training and Updates
Sun 09.17.23
Day 49 of BPC157 and TB500

0830 - homemade breakfast burrito, (eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes and tortilla)

1300 - turkey and provolone on rye with lettuce and tomato

1800 - 2 oven roasted chicken thighs with skin, 2c blanched broccoli and 1c roasted sweet, red and purple diced potatoes. 1 scoop protein, 2tsp psyllium husk and 10oz water.

Rest day

SLEEP: 2100 - 0430 approx 7.5 hours.
WATER: approx. 1 gallon
ELECTROLYTES+AMINOS: 360mg Magnesium, 320mg Potassium, 1000mg Sodium, 2mg Zinc, 500mg Aminos
Fish oil triglyceride liquid:Omega 3 - 2540mg,Omega 6 - 1000mg, Omega 9 - 1000mg
CoQ10:400mg, Turmeric Extract:1g, BioPerine Black Pepper Extract:20mg
Glucosamine HCl 1.5g, Chondroitin 1.2g
Magnesium 300mg, (taurate, glycinate and malate)
8 caps N2G, NAC 2.3g, Milk Thistle 3g, Tudca 1.2g, Beet Root 2g, L-Arginine 1g
Probiotics 50 Billion CFU 20 Strains
Taurine 2g
This is why we love people logging. Look at the results.
Digestion is super important to how you feel. We hear about it frequently when there are issues but we can be adjusting diet ahead of time to eat more easily digestible foods.
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