sports drinks fallen out of favor?

I am not noticing guys recommending sports drinks anymore like they used to. I remember all the commercials from athletes who were drinking gatorade. yea yea i know its marketing but what am i missing in terms of why guys don't drink them anymore? I don't see anyone at the gym drinking them, just water.


I used to drink monster until I got real bad headaches from it. I switched to doing no sugar red bull seems fine for me.


our ancestors went 2M years drinking water.

every animal on earth drinks water

yet humans are too clever for our own good and come up with clever marketing tactics to fool people into thinking they need a sports drink. BULLSHIT. you do not. sports drinks are made up of water with flavoring to make people buy them. that is all. there is nothing special about them


Most energy drinks have glucose and caffeine. And we get more than enough of that shit in everything else we do