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Stay away from pharmavol-labs IMO


I just came home from the hospital after going there because after I injected their sustanon I got a really bad red welt. they said that the infection was really bad and I was lucky that I decided to come in. they had to drain it and sent me home with a $2,000 bill.
I would avoid pharmavol if i were you.
I would STRONGLY recommend using domestic supply from now on... Tried and true, verified and trusted, you cannot go wrong with the industries best, which is domestic supply!!
You can save yourself so many problems by sticking with a verified and trusted source, such as Domestic Supply. I use them exclusively with good reason. They carry top name brands, along with having the best customer service and extremely fast and discreet shipping. They provide everything you could want and more!
pharmavol labs was good but I guess dead now
Wow, that is awful man. I think there was another post about them yesterday if I remember correctly. Either way, stick to Domestic-Supply next time.

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