Stenbolone & DHB Cycle Log


No breakfast this morning, and not even training.
I have to do blood works and physical/medical exam.
I had results of blood works.

Again, my estrogen is in range. 34,5 pg/ml.

For the umpteenth time, the doses of AI I use are high for many, but right for me.
I have never crashed my estro, indeed, at times, they have been high.

Also, I want to point out that this is the fourth time I take blood works this year and that I check the actual and real values.
Not once or twice, and not even zero (as I know many of you do), but four.
All 4 times, my estradiol was fine.

*PLEASE don't take my words negatively.
It's just to remind everyone a couple of things:
- Take blood works and get checked.
- Forget the "bro science" and find what works well for you.

The other values are all more or less good.
GPT and GOT slightly high, but in line with all my other exams.
GT range, Triglycerides, Total cholesterol and PSA are all good, within the reference values.
Cholesterol hdl is very low.

The only discordant note is still the progesterone which remains high, beyond the max value.
but it has dropped quite a lot since after using tren. it will take a while to get it back into range.


I miss gym.
and not only that, from tomorrow (almost) total lockdown.

This thing is getting out of hand.

Meanwhile, dhb has entered fully. I feel full and hard, pump after only 5 minutes of training


I do an update

Test 1/2 ml - 125 mg X3 a week (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
DHB 0,5-0,7 ml - 50-70 mg ED
Stenbolone 0,5-0,7 ml - 50-70 mg ED

Pip: nonexistent
Side: none
Pump: a lot
Sex drive: high and low, normal, being at home alone I don't have many stimulus.

Although I'm not pushing hard and not having access to the gym, I remain full and pumped.

I eat 4 meals a day, around 3000 Kcal/day just as maintenance.

I'm on the last bottle.
I have done various dosage tests and I must say that I feel like I am taking a sleeping pill.
I sleep like a baby and sometimes even during the day.
If I don't take it for a couple of days, this kind of lethargy goes away.
200 mcg per day is manageable. over 200 mcg X2 a day or 300 mcg X2 or X3 a day is just too much for me. I fall asleep and don't wake up for 12 hours straight.

This can be good and useful for example when you have problems sleeping. With tren or other drugs, it could be a great addition to be able to remedy the sides and sleep (and grow).

In addition, as always, I take 100 mcg t4 to replace the thyroid and hcg 2 times a week.


Ipamorelin review

I have tried 200 mcg once a day up to 1 mg split 3 times a day.
The more I go up with the dose the more I sleep, it feels like a sleeping pill.

In the end I used it 300-350 mcg in the evening before bed and I don't wake up until the next morning.

If taken in the morning, more than 200mcg, or during the day, I get sleepy during the day and of course it depends on whether you can sleep or if you have to work.

A great addition when you have sleep problems.

Another thing I noticed, no drastic changes, but the skin has improved.
I have shitty skin, very oily and with many imperfections of blackheads, small pimples, etc.
When I wax my back where I suffer from folliculitis I always get irritations.
Well, in this period with ipamorelin, no irritation, no pimples, significantly better skin.

Now I have 5 PAL-GHK vials to try, let's see the comparison.