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Greetings Anabolex members.

Thank you Dave, mods and members for having us.
We're Steroidify, in business since 2008.
Please visit our site for more info and full list:

For exclusive promos and discounts, please visit our private channel: (click banner below)

Will be posting promos soon.

Kindest regards.
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We're currently running a great sale. 30% off on entire site.

Promo ends today. There's still time.

Steroidify official review page:
Thread is a sticky now :)

You are now officially anabolex approved. :)

ALL our mods and VIPs back you and approve, so you can use our approved seal now.

Due to the overwhelming number of great versions, hundreds actually, submitted by 2 members for our new slogan contest, we have decided to award them both with our $500 store credit prize.

One of the winners goes by "01dragonslayer" on several bodybuilding forums. Most of you probably know him.
Only info I have for second winner right now is his email address, which is j******3@*****.com

Winning slogan won't be yet announced as we are currently integrating it to our new logo and graphic upgrades and it will be soon released...

Thank you all for participating
Second winner of the slogan contest goes by "jworld13" on the boards.

Thank you, John!!
Guys do you have your anti virals in stock or just on site? Thinking of buying some. I picked up a bottle of tren just last week.
Guys do you have your anti virals in stock or just on site? Thinking of buying some. I picked up a bottle of tren just last week.

Hello sir.

Whatever you see here as in stock is ready to go:

We did have offers from suppliers we don't normally work with offering other products that could possibly be used against the new virus, but we didn't want to go with them because we could not guarantee 100% of originality like we do with everything else that we carry. And we know that there's tons of fake antivirals and other stuff related to the pandemic in the market right now.
Test enanthate, winny and skin products (roaccutane included) - Vote to pay half

Simply join our chat group and vote on which products you want to purchase for half price.
This week we're offering test enanthate, oral winny and skin care products, including roaccutane (isotretinoin).

Another incredible deal from Steroidify.

I even took screenshots so you guys believe me.

50% off Roche's Roaccutane, Hilma's Test Enanthate and PharmaQo's oral winny...

Yes, you read it correctly. We're cutting prices in half.



We're offering deals like these on our Private Channel.
Click here to join and see for yourself.


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