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New Brand in Stock - Euro Pharmacies

As the one of the world’s leading provider of pharmaceuticals, EURO-PHARMACIES products provide consumers a dependable quality product every time.

The scale and breadth of our pharmaceutical portfolio is increasing annually to cater to global market demand. Building on a remarkable track record of achievement, EURO-PHARMACIES continues to pursue a rich future in pharmaceuticals as we focus on compliance, convenience, efficacy and safety, and providing affordable generic products to patients and society worldwide.

Please visit link below for Euro-Pharmacies page on


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Steroidify's official statement on Bioteq Anavar


We have received several complaints for one of Bioteq Labs products, namely Anavar, concerning unusual side effects like dizziness and lethargy.

We have immediately contacted the manufacturer and stopped all sales for this specific BioTeq product until the proper laboratory testing will be made.

Please note that the only pending investigation concerning BioTeq Labs is with their Anavar (Oxandrolone) as their other products have already been lab tested and positively reviewed by numerous customers on various boards and forums.

You can find several of their lab tested products below:

The lab testing of their Oxandrolone is on the way therefore if you are already in the possession of this product from BioTeq please reach out to us and you will be reimbursed with store credit.

With best thoughts,
Steroidify Team.

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New Brand in Stock - Beligas Pharmaceutical

Beligas Pharmaceutical originated out of a collaboration between Belgium scientific research firm Allied Research and Chinese bio engineering firm Greenpine Pharmaceuticals. The combined company Beligas function as their online pharmaceutical e-commerce portal where as the Allied Research provided the technology and Greenpine provided the facilities and investment for laboratories around East Asia.

With its strong financial and operational stability, Beligas support and expedite future biologics development and commercialization in a combined strategy and collectively become one of the most aggressive players in the global biopharmaceutical sector.

Please visit link below for Beligas' page on