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I’m posting an honest review here to help others make the right choice
Strong steroid was the source i chose this time
Their website is pretty complicated but i was able to pick out what i wanted
Got some of their anavar and equipoise. Both products got here in about 2-3 weeks.
So far 2 weeks in and not bad. I think it is legit

Jayne Scott

Approved Supporter
Strongsteroid may have worked for you, but if they're not approved on Anabolex, I doubt members would want to take the risk. Being an approved source means the source has passed through rigorous checks and balances all designed to protect members. UPsteroid is the source I rep, and I know they have been subjected to thorough scrutiny. I suggest you thread carefully with Strongsteroid if they're not approved on here.


Moderator seems shady look at the super bad reviews



Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
Red is not on my list of trusted sources look at the negative reviews


That is not good time to receive things and it doesnt sound reliable, not to mention that reddit is a cess pool of horrific and misleading information that is beyond untrustworthy... i would be extremely hesitant going to that website for any type of information, especially when it comes to things that could effect your health... i would stay extremely far away from that site

Fella Finn

Domestic Supply is who I would strongly recommend to use. They have a longstanding reputation, over a decade, as being at the top of the class! They have the best quality, customer service and have a large selection of the top brands one could want!
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