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Approved Log Testosterone and anavar cycle log

Day 23,24, 25,26,27

Saturday Rest
Sunday workout
Monday rest
Teusday workout
Wednesday rest

With school and everything back up I'm a bit busy on my scedule with school and practice also. Too keep it more time efficient and consistent I will just be making meal prep moreover the same meals.

Nothing intresting really happened over this course of time my energy was about the same during the evening ,but god when i get back home im so damn sleepy ive been taking 4 hours naps alot now.
My weight Is surprisingly not sure i lost any muscle but my brother does say i look a bit fluffy so I may have putting on some fat and actually lose some muscle maybe.

But I'm still sore even after a light workout .
Which is a bit annoying
All my acne has cleared up all the way and my libido is still the same( I'm always horny as shit still)

I also was surfing some seller sites
And I came across psl to restock on some of my cardarine. I was orignally gonna order on osgear again ,but after further lurking around I came across psl.
And surpsingly it was pretty cheap. On naps gear ,osgear and other sites it was like 90 for cardarine but on psl it was like 30. It seemed too good to be true so i was skeptical . Other products were about the same price it would be on other websites ,but some were cheaper for how much you get and domestic prices were only a tad bit higher .
Which seemed sketchy but theirs alot of positive positive reviews and it is a sponsored site so I entrust it fully. So I just said yolo and went on with the order.

Speaking of cardarine it has worked extremely well. I feel like I could overtrain on it as I never have to catch my breath in any excersise.
My stamina and endurance have gone up significantly on it especially since conditioning is back in session.
I don't know what to say about long cardio during cycle since I don't wanna do it on my pct but it has worked extremely well on my cycle with hiit excerises when I started putting alot of weight.

About fat loss It seems to have no effect I guess I haven't lost weight by the looks of it .

Power clean 135 6x3
Squat 3x8 @ 225

Hip thrusts 3x12 @ 225
Hip abductions 3x8


Lat pulldown 3x12

Single armDumbell assisted rows
3x8 @ 50

Weighted pull ups 3x8 @ bw + 20
Finished with Hammer curls
Bicep curls 3x8 @ 35

3 hard boiled eggs
150g oats
3oz beef jerky

2 bannas
Beef stick about 25g
35g of cheese cubes
Whole milk
1 cup of greek yogurt 225g

Greek yogurt 1 cup
50g almond

Oats 150g
1 cup greek yogurt 225g
50g walnuts


Black beans 130g
8 oz of ground beef 225g
Plain rice 150g
Chicken breast 8oz
110g of greek yogurt half a cup.

[2 flour tortilla, 225 of 96 percent lean
ground beef,Avocado 200g 150g]

Smoked turkey 8oz
150 of potatoes
Chicken breast 8 oz
100g plain white rice


Avocado 100g
8oz chicken breast
130g black beans

Chicken breast 225g
150g white rice

[Chicken breast 225g
Rice 100g

Steak 8oz
2 large Hard boiled eggs
Avocado 125g
1 cup of corn 165g
2 cups lettuce
1 cup of black beans 131g
1tbsp olive oil]

Chicken breast 8oz
Half a cup of black beans 130g
100g avocado

Extra meal
Avocado 100g
4 oz chicken breast shredded
100g rice
Protein shake

8oz smoked turkey
150g potato
Protein shake

Chicken breast 225g
Rice 100g
Protein shake
Chicken breast 8oz
Bell peppers 100g
brown rice 100g

Protein shake
Chopped smoked turkey drums 8oz
Russet potatoe 175g

Total calories
Saturday: 3040 calories(240g carbs,299g protein,111g fat)

2982 calories ( 294g carbs,288g protein,84g fat)

2960 calories (210g carbs,305g protein,117g fat)

3070 calories
(198g carbs,289g protein,148g fat)

3028 calories(300g protein,236g fat,116g)
that is what I am talkin about
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