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  1. N has fake testosterone for sure

    So my suspicions have been confirmed, I got blood work done on suppdirect gear Testosterone. I used 500 mg a week. Got my blood work done in the number only was 1500. That’s way too low. I think I should be, at least three or four thousand, right? This stuff is definitely fake. I haven’t had any...
  2. J

    Feedback on my 3rd cycle

    I’m looking at using testosterone on this upcoming cycle. Its been a steroid that has been good to me. I get very good libido, strength, and muscle mass on it so its my bread/butter steroid My question is what should i use with it if i decide to do 500mgs a week I'm currently 28 years old and...
  3. V

    Minimum amount of tren ace

    How many of you on here have tried using tren ace at 50mgs a day with some testosterone? a lot of guys say that 75 mg is the minimum but I would like to try 50 mg to keep my side effects more lower this time. I'm also going to use testosterone propane with it maybe 100 mg every other day What...
  4. K

    Six star pro nutrition testosterone

    Has anyone ever heard of the product called six star Pro nutrition testosterone booster? I heard this stuff is supposed to be really good at increasing libido and helping with other issues within the body testosterone levels right now are pretty average and I would like to get them up a couple...
  5. R

    Lean bulking possible on testosterone?

    Is it possible to do a lean bulk on testosterone only? or would I be better served stacking it with something equipoise or primobolan at high doses? Thinking of doing 1000mgs of EQ or primo and then low dose test, like maybe 150-200mgs Or would i be better off just doing 600mgs of test solo with...
  6. D

    How to stack testosterone in a cycle

    So I have used testosterone before on a couple Cycles the first cycle I did testosterone 500 mg a week second cycle I went 750 but I also stacked an oral steroid dbol but it was way too much side effects and felt like i was bloated the whole way This time i want to stack an injectable but not...
  7. N

    What is your favorite testosterone option?

    Gonna do my first injectable cycle First 3 cycles were just orals and pro hormones My question is what is your favorite testosterone and what would you recommend for someone who's injecting it for the first time? I'm looking to do 500 to 750 mg a week and I'm also looking to do something that's...
  8. J

    Domestic-Supply How do i know which domestic supply testosterone to choose?

    domestic Supply is a really good source based on the reviews that I've read so I want to give them a shot. the issue is their website is very overwhelming for a newbie I'm just looking to pick up some testosterone and run it for 10 weeks. there are so many different choices types and brands that...
  9. G

    Running blood work on cycle

    27 yrs old 6’1’’ 180 pounds I'm currently doing 300 mg of testosterone cypionate I’m about 7 weeks into cycle didn't really see much crazy changes but I can definitely tell I'm on gear decided to get my blood work done. total testosterone levels or maxed out 1500+ So my gear is g2g However my...
  10. N

    Which ancillaries are musts on cycle?

    I'm going to be doing 500 mg of testosterone enanthate it will be my second cycle first time I ran my cycle I did not do my research and did not run anything with it. I guess I was lucky cuz I came out of it okay but I don't want to tempt Faith the second time. what are the required ancillaries...
  11. Q

    Geneza pharma awesome gains

    I had a wonderful experience using geneza pharma recently and wanted to post up a review of what happened Started the cycle at around 190 lb and I'm 6'1. this is the first time I have ever used steroids and I'm 28 years old 12 weeks on testosterone enanthate overall I put on around 14 lb. that...
  12. L

    Getting steroid fatigue

    I’m not feeling well lately, getting a lot of anxiety and feeling depressed after my recent breakup Got caught on cycle On this stack: Testosterone 250mgs a week Masteron 50mgs per day Trenbolone 100mgs EOD The results are still good even though i feel like crap. I’m 8 weeks into cycle and was...
  13. H

    500mgs test and what else?

    this is going to be my second cycle first cycle I did 750 mg of testosterone by itself for 12 weeks. I put on about a pound per week I ended up keeping about 7 lb I'm now up to 212 lb and I'm 6'3 in and I'm 48 years old would like to bulk up a little bit more to get up to maybe 220 to 225 what...
  14. W

    Side effects from high test

    I'm currently doing 1,250 mg a week of testosterone CYP My side effects are as follows: Insomnia High blood pressure Bloat Lethargy I'm 52 years old and I am 6'1 180 pounds I would say the first couple weeks I was okay but then when week 3 came it was really bad. what kind of advice do you have...
  15. R

    Test cyp 250mgs/ml advice

    So i got myself some really good testosterone Cyp and a it's 250 mg per ML. and they came in amps that you crack open Just wanted to keep a simple 12-week cycle. would you recommend that I pin this twice a week using one amp per injection? my friend has some experience in this and he recommended...
  16. F

    Geneza pharma testosterone levels through roof!

    Just got my bloods back from the doctor and I’m using geneza pharma testosterone enanthate I'm on week 6 and my testosterone levels are through the roof. blood work looks perfect some of the nice benefits that I'm experiencing very aggressive in the gym appetite is awesome Sex Drive is 24/7...
  17. V

    Exogenous testosterone vs. using clomid

    So my doctor has me on clomid and adex which has pushed my testosterone numbers to over 1000. I’m thinking of adding testosterone and masteron to this without him knowing because that is what my friend is doing What would be the differences if I were to switch to using testosterone and drop the...
  18. Z

    Do you guys bloat up on steroids or is it just me?

    Seems like every cycle I do I get a lot of bloat I’m wondering if it was just me or do you guys experience the same thing? I’m currently 5’8’’ 155 pounds and around 10% body fat. And i’m 32 years old My diet is pretty good. I eat a lot of good foods and such and i’m lean for my age group But for...
  19. E

    Is test good enough after years of cycling?

    I cycle for about 10 years straight from around 21 or 22 years old all the way into my 30s. then I took about three or four years off once covid hit and the gyms were starting to close now I'm looking to get back into it. do you think that hopping on some testosterone maybe 500 or 600 mg a week...
  20. E

    Zinc for testosterone?

    I think I'm a little bit confused when it comes to testosterone levels and how important zinc is what is the best way to get zinc and why is it so important for testosterone levels since it's just a mineral? Also where can you get it from? I always thought if you bought just zinc by itself it...
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