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    Domestic-Supply Ordering these 3 steroids from domestic supply

    I'm getting ready to order testosterone 250mgs, equipoise 250 and the deca durabolin 200 All from domestic supply my question is pretty simple and straightforward do you think I'll get a good bulking effect by using these three. and how well dosed are these products from domestic supply? I've...
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    Approved Log My OSgear cycle Ultima pharmaceuticals

    I'm about a week in of running 500mg of test cyp a week along with 500 Eq and 50 mg of dbol everyday. Going to run the test and eq for 20 weeks and dbol for 6 weeks and at the end of the cycle I'm going to run winstrol 25mg twice a day for 6 weeks. Ordered from @OSGear And bought @UltimaPharma...
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    Boosting libido with no downside

    I know that a lot of people will recommend I go take a dick drug or I go take some testosterone a boost my libido and boost my erections but that's not really what I want to try to accomplish I want to stay as more natural as possible. that's why I'm seeking out a supplement that you would...
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    Confused for a 3rd cycle

    my story is simple I have ran two different steroid cycles so far. I'm currently 28 years old and I weigh 207 lb and 6 ft 1 in tall I'm around 14% body fat I really would like to run something more aggressive but people say you should wait till your 4th or 5th cycle minimum before you do that My...
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    PuritySourceLabs Puritysourcelabs cycle review

    Not sure how to upload pics of my gear and also my results but i will just tell you what i took and my stats I’m currently up to 220 pounds. I gained 12 pounds on this 12 week cycle so believe it or not I gain about 1 pound per week! Took testosterone enanthate with equipoise. started out with...
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    Using anavar with testosterone

    pretty simple cycle I want to put together my idea is 800 mg of testosterone a week and then at week six dropping the dose down to 400 mg and then adding in anavar oxandroloen 60mgs a day then running them both together for six more weeks my goal is to bulk up early on in the cycle and then cut...
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    Estrogen rebound weeks or months post cycle?

    I did about 20 weeks of testosterone around 6 months ago and I stopped. before that I ran about a 25-week cycle of testosterone enanthate as well over the past few weeks I have noticed off and on some nipple irritation do you think this has to do with my previous Cycles or is it just my...
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    Testosterone and health changes

    I was wondering what kind of Health changes I can expect if I was to run just a testosterone cycle of 300 mg a week I'm currently 55 years old and I have not run steroids in about 20 years I just recently started getting back into shape and in the gym I'm 5'10 245 lb I have a bit of a gut but...
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    Testosterone E, mast E, and maybe tren?

    I'm looking to do a longer cycle and transform my body a little bit I'm interested in using testosterone and masteron all enanthate esters and then I would like to add something else maybe tren? Or should i do something else? I'm currently 38 years old 5 ft 7 in and I weigh 160 lb
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    Lean muscle mass gains

    I’m looking to put on some clean muscle mass gains My body fat is around 11% and I want to keep it at that point or lower I'm 218 lb and I'm 6'4. I'm 28 years old and I've been training for the past 12 years my steroid stack I would like to use is testosterone as my base. Then i would like to...
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    Equipoise and testosterone together

    Looking to do a simple cycle this time. I'm 43 years old and I weigh around 165 lb and I am 5'6 tall my body fat is around 12 or 13% maybe a little less don't want anything with a lot of side effects because I like to do cardio I plan on doing one hour of cardio per day on the stack. how much...
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    Testosterone options help me pick

    This is my first ever cycle I’m 27 years old 5’10’’ 175 pounds 12% BODY FAT I have been trading in the gym off and on for the past 5 years but I've been very serious over the past 3 months. all my friends at the gym are using steroids and they recommend it I try testosterone there are a lot of...
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    Primobolan first time

    this is the first time using primobolan and don't’ want to waste my time or money so please give me tips I’m 45 years old 5’10’’ and 193 pounds. Body fat is mid teens I have used other steroids before but never this one and it is quite expensive My plan is running it arnold style 100mgs ED for 6...
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    Sustanon as a blend ?

    what do you think about using Sustanon as your testosterone base in a cycle? I know that it's a blend of a few different testosterone Esters but should I be treating it like a long answer or a short answer in terms of injecting? I'm thinking of doing 500 mg as my base and then adding in either...
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    Increasing my muscle mass fast

    looking to use anabolic steroids to increase my muscle mass quickly I'm targeting a couple steroids. Equipoise, NPP, and testosterone should I use all three in a stack together like this? NPP 250mgs a week Test E 500mgs a week Equipoise 400mgs a week I’m 6’1’’ and 167 pounds, training for 2...
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    TRT for 20 something

    I had a question about doing trt for a 25 year old I ran a couple Cycles when I was younger and I didn't know what I was doing. I've been feeling like crap so I went and got my blood work done and my doctor said my test levels were low under 200 he wouldn't give me testosterone replacement...
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    Stacking in anavar oxandrolone

    I’m currently doing 150mgs a week testosterone Not getting any sort of real changes to my physique I'm 43 years old, 6 ft 1 in, and 170 lb probably around 12% body fat so I'm in good shape was hoping to get a little more improvements with lean muscle mass. don't want to get anything huge because...
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