alcohol and oral steroids


Can i still drink alcohol on oral steroids if i just skip that days dosage or will alcohol still effect me negatively only cycle even if i take that day off? I like to go out drinking on friday and saturday nights with my buddies or if i am out with a girl. not willing to give that up quite yet for my goals. I am 24 years old and been lifting for 18 months.


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You can drink alcohol with steroids if you want issues with your health, but if you want to stay healthy don't drink and use AAS.


alcohol actually blocks your body from burning fat. it is also a group1 carcinogen, most people don't know that. it is just as, if not more, cancer causing than smoking

there is no reason to drink alcohol when you go out with your buddies. go and have a good time and socialize if you want, but just don't drink alcohol. i know it is hard for people to understand but you don't need to drink to have fun and if your friends don't grasp that concept then time for new friends


sure you can... you can do whatever you want but the real question is SHOULD YOU??? the answer is fuck no... not to mention, you shouldn't be using steroids at only 24 years old... you are not ready and its not just because you are too young... you need to get all the partying out of your system... also, 18 months of lifting is nothing man... you need many years of lifting before you ever consider steroids