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Anyone know what happened to [email protected]?

Jayne Scott

Approved Supporter
It's great to have a "go to source", but if you can't reach the person, then it's best to move on. Like @CEO said, he's not available anymore for whatever reason. If you want a consistent supply of authentic gear from trusted pharma, you can get a source on Anabolex that will meet your need. I rep UPsteroid and we have Pharma grade AAS available for delivery to most parts of the world, and the best part is, we won't go AWOL on you. Have a great day.


You want to utilize the reviews and feedback on the forums... the reviews help to make sure you do not make these kinds of mistakes and can learn who you can and cannot trust...


email sources always go bust

nature of the game

use napsgear, they actually have reps and a website

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