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Deca For Lean Muscle - UPsteroid Product of The Week Promo!!

Jayne Scott

Approved Supporter
Hi Y'all,

Deca is one AAS that can be used in your off season to maintain lean muscle mass and strength.

Deca can stimulate your appetite while boosting protein synthesis and promoting a positive nitrogen balance in your skeletal muscle tissue.

While Deca is arguably not as powerful as other known AAS for bulking like Tren, Dbol or Anadrol; it is still very effective.

Many bodybuilders argue that Deca is even safer for use compared to other bulking gear. But safety as you know depends on many factors including your dosing, length of cycle, PCT plan, and so on.

For safety reasons, you should always discuss with your doctor and trainer before running a standalone Deca cycle or stacking Deca with other gear.

However, if you're in the all clear, then you can take advantage of the UPsteroid Product Of The Week Promo HERE.

***Buy 2 DECA (A-TECH) and GET + 1 FREE!***

This promo starts from today 6th June and runs until the 13th of June, 2022.

P.S: If you need dosing and cycle advice, you can talk to our IFBB PRO today.

Thanks for your time and patronage.



Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
Actually all steroids you can cut with, it's the bloating thats the issue with deca durabolin imo

Upsteroid has a good deca durabolin line up I would get it and low dose if you want to cut with winstrol

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