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Hello to the anabolex community! My name is Greg and I am the owner of Domestic Supply. I have a well established and well known company that provides some of the best name brand products you can find. I pride myself on not only providing the best quality but also the best customer service you can find in this industry. Domestic shipping ensures must quicker delivery time and far less chance of having delivery issues. I accept most popular payment methods. Moneygram (minimum order 100$+), Western union (200$+), Ria money transfers (no minimum), Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (no minimum).
We ship the same day we pick up your money and provide tracking number within 24h. Shipping time by priority mail shipping usually is 2-5 business days. The fastest payment method is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you need help with buying bitcoin or any other questions - don't hesitate to contact me.
If you need assistance in planning your cycle - I am glad to help you. Also you can contact my superb crew if you need any assistance - dylangemelli, SteveSmi and Masonic Bodybuilder




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