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Domestic Supply TD!! BALKAN!


I will be starting a new cycle next week with the freshly stocked Balkan brand from Domestic Supply. The cycle will be Test, Primo and Anavar... I will be running 250 mg of test cyp, 500 mg of primo and 40 mg of anavar per day.... Anavar will be six weeks while the rest will be 12 weeks... I am not looking to gain a ton of size but more so hardening, strength and vascularity... I do want nice clean size but nothing too drastic... I cannot wait to get started... BIG THANKS to Greg at domestic supply... Greg is the man and domestic supply is BY FAR my favorite source out there! Stay tuned for my cycle log!



You know Balkan is the most faked brand out there
First, noone asked you... second... i would appreciate it if you kept your idiotic comments out of all my threads. I avoid your threads because of all the bull shit u post. Third, domestic supply is a trusted source for over a decade so fakes are never a concern. Stay out of my threads!

Masonic Bodybuilder

That is awesome man. I know how well you respond to test and primo so I am really looking forward to this. Glad to see you giving anavar a go again too. I know it hasnt been your favourite in the past but I am sure coming from DS, this var will be absolute fire. Perfect stack for your goals.


dylangemelli , did i said something wrong to you , did i treat you bad ?????
This is not the best way to be here and help the others with such agressivity . Im here like you to give my opinon , maybe you dont like it but respect them .


You know Balkan is the most faked brand out there

While thats partially true, there are some fake Balkan out there. That's true for Every brand on the market now, there are fakes and counterfeits for all brands. We would be lying if we said to members there are no counterfeits out there. Saying that, I can say 100% that the Balkan above is real and high quality, it's sold by an OFFICIAL Balkan distributor and trusted source on anabolex.


thats what i try to said , alot of brands are faked . And the more important in this business is the source, if you find a good source for Balkan you reach gold because original balkan is top notch yes ( first brand i use in my life from rea SOURCE )
We all know good brands are gone and all in market is fakes:

But you still have amazing brands : ZHPC. Balkan, Hilma, Euro Pharmacies , Spectrum not bad to

Thats why foruns like this one are here to help you find best sources
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