dragon ordnance problems


This is very good to hear. (y) we can all find common ground.
absolutely agree... life is way too short for petty things to get in the way... not to mention, pride gets in the way of things FAR TOO OFTEN... its ridiculous... i know i have no issue admitting when im wrong... you tend to have to learn that when you get married LOL but it honestly takes a much bigger man to admit when they are wrong or to at least be open to working things out with others... whatever helps us all grow together is necessary and i will always try to lead by example


Right on thanks man.

He's been quiet on the other boards. Not sure bit I'll keep my ears open.

Congrats on VIP status.

I'm sure you find it odd too that dragon ordnance never responds to open complaints about him, we are waiting for him to come on and respond.
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