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Scammer Gearpro is an Awesome Source!

Hi All, I just wanted to let everyone know that Gearpro is an awesome source. I've been ordering from him for several years and have never had an issue. He is super responsive, has a great selection and is very reasonably priced. I don't know about you but I hate waiting for stuff if I think I might run out but he has always gotten me everything I've ordered in a reasonable amount of time. In fact, I got my last order in only eight days which included cross country shipping. FYI, shipping is from within the states so no worries about problems with customs. Also, I know his stuff is legit as my bloodwork comes back as expected. It's super easy to order from him, just email [email protected] telling him you heard of him on this board and would like a copy of the list. Oh also he also has promos where you get extra free goodies for ordering in bulk or paying with Bitcoin.
Gearpro I heard is a brand that takes your bitcoins and runs selective scamming
Fake brand with shitty gear damn
gearpro sells steroids spiked with drugs, he should be arrested scumbag liar
very bad reviews on his stealing money
Stick with the names you know and trust, that have stayed true to their word over many years! None come to mind faster than Domestic Supply. They are the most trusted source you will find!
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