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Research Chemical SciencesUGFREAKeudomestic
napsgeargenezapharmateuticals domestic-supplypuritysourcelabsResearch Chemical SciencesUGFREAKeudomestic solid source


Newbie is just a solid source
Cannot say enough good things about them
I ordered over the weekend and they shipped it out today, not bad took a few days
I will update when i get it but i am excited. I ended up spending a little over $650 on my order and the shipping charge was only $11 vs. $25 at most sources
It is posted so often how important it is to read reviews, feedback , check threads and logs, pictures etc... there are countless posts with this kind of info posted and i would strongly suggest taking the time to read them and protect yourself... My best experiences and as you can see, the best experience for so many others out there, has come with ! is known for posting fake reviews bro
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